A total of 7 people have been detained for the inspection of subway security control tools

Tianjin North Network News: The city’s rail transit (subway, light rail) station has been conducting security checks for more than three months. Many citizens have become accustomed to entering the subway for security and are used to putting parcels in X-ray machines at the entrance of security screenings every day. The reporter learned yesterday that as of now, the Subway Lines 1, 2 and 3 and the Light Rail Line 9 have seized 478 pieces of forbidden goods, among which the largest number of controlled tools has reached 211, and there have been seven people who have been detained and handled since the security check.

According to statistics, since the opening of security inspections on September 8th, a total of 97 items of band-gap products were seized on Line 3, and 66 items of band-gap products were seized on Line 2 and 193 items of band-gap products were seized on Line 1 and light-rail 9 respectively. A total of 122 forbidden products were found on the line. According to the plan, before December 31 this year, all rail transit stations in the city will be fully implemented and become the norm.

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