Do you know what the fingerprint access control system cannot do?

Q: What if the fingerprint access control system fails to pass?

A: Some of the following situations may cause some employees to use fingerprints or simply cannot use fingerprints for access control:

Fingerprints on some fingers are flattened;

2 There are too many folds on the fingers and often change;

3 Severe peeling on the fingers;

Users with unrecognized fingerprints can delete the fingerprint and register it again, or register another finger. When registering fingerprints, such users need to choose to use better-quality fingerprints (less creases, lack of skin, and clear fingerprints), try to make the fingers contact the fingerprint collector with a larger area, and perform comparison tests after registration; and Register a few more backup fingers. In addition, our access control system provides a 1:1 comparison method and password function. You can set these employees to use the 1:1 method and password for access control management.

Q: When the access control machine cannot communicate, what are the reasons?

A: Possible reasons are: 1 The communication port is not set correctly, and the selected communication port is not the actual COM port. 2 The baud rate of the computer's communication port is different from the baud rate setting of the attendance machine. 3 The access controller was not connected to the power supply or connected to the computer; 4 The access control was connected but not turned on. 5 The connected terminal number is incorrect. 6 Data lines or converters cannot communicate. 7 The computer's COM port is broken.

Q: After the access controller is powered on, the liquid crystal display is incomplete. Sometimes it only shows half, sometimes it takes a screen. What is the problem? How to solve it?

A: The possible reason is 1 bad motherboard; 2 internal characteristics of the LCD. In this case, contact the supplier and return to service.

Q: How to clear the administrator of the access control?

A: You can use the door access computer to communicate with the computer. After the communication is successful, enter the access control management tab page. Click the Clear administrator button to clear the administrator of the access control machine. After the connection is disconnected, you can enter the access control menu mode. Now.

Q: What is the reason why the sound of the flute sounds when the access control communication is connected?

A: 1 If the above phenomenon occurs when RS-232 communication is used, the baud rate of the computer is inconsistent with the baud rate setting of the attendance machine.

2 If RS-485 communication is used, it may be that the two wires of the converter's communication line are reversed, or the two wires are stuck together.

Q: After the access control machine is turned on, it has repeatedly displayed "please press (leave) fingers". What is the problem and how should it be solved?

A: The reason for this problem may be:

1 The use of a long time, the acquisition head surface becomes dirty, or scratches, the acquisition head will be mistaken for the surface of the press, and can not pass, so this problem occurs. In this case, you can use adhesive tape to stick

Attach dirt on the surface of the head.

2 The connection of the fingerprint acquisition head is loosened or loosened.

3 motherboard chip is broken.

If the second and third items are two reasons, you need to contact the supplier to apply for warranty.

Q: During the operation of the access control system, there is no problem in downloading the fingerprint and password data. However, when reading the access control record, it prompts a failure or an intermediate error. How can I resolve this problem?

A: This situation may be related to the data line, the converter, or the COM port of the computer. At this time, you can reduce the baud rate of the access control machine and the computer. If you set it to 19200 or 9600, read it again.

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