Study on anion reverse flotation of hematite beneficiation equipment

Hematite beneficiation equipment technology has developed rapidly, with anionic reverse flotation at the core of the joint process has become mainstream hematite beneficiation, but research on the drug mechanism of anion reverse flotation beneficiation process in the system is still not perfect, but the The iron mineral inhibitor corn starch used in the process also has obvious determination. If the configuration is complicated, it must be complicated to be configured. It must be disposed in stable hot water at 85 °C, so the energy consumption is high, and the tailings are poorly caused by the fine particle suppression effect. The grade is high, so the mechanism of action of the anion reverse flotation system and the optimization of iron mineral inhibitors are carried out.

Studies have shown that: in the range of ph worth 10 to 12.5, all kinds of starch have a strong inhibitory effect on hematite, and the inhibitory machine Li is chemically bonded to the hydroxy oxygen in the starch and the exposed iron element on the surface of hematite. In the range of pH 11.5 to 12.5, all kinds of starch have a weak inhibitory effect on quartz . The mechanism of action is that the Ca+ and CAOH+ adsorbed on the mineral surface chemically interact with the oleate ions to increase the water flow of the quartz. Therefore, in the oleic acid system, the maximum floating haze of hematite and quartz exists in the range of pH 11.5 to 12.5, which is an ideal condition for the separation of the two. Factors affecting starch inhibition include starch chain length and starch. The content of the linear and branched structure, the impurities in the starch, the type of the group introduced into the modified starch, and the degree of substitution of the group.

Cornstarch experts, # 1 starch, waxy corn starch, dextrin, starch, vinegar phosphorus starches five kinds of iron minerals inhibitors were compared and analyzed. Flotation experiment surface: For artificial mixed ore, the recovery rate of flotation hematite is 95%, the order of concentrate grade from high to low is: dextrin, corn starch, paste corn starch, 1# starch and phosphate Starch, the recovery rate of actual ore flotation concentrate is 91.5%, the order of concentrate grade from high to low is: dextrin, corn starch, 1# starch and phosphate esterified starch. The flotation results of the artificial mixed ore and the actual ore are consistent. In the process of separation of hematite and quartz, starch is a non-selective flocculant, and flocculation is mainly caused by hydrogen bonding. The better the flocculation, the worse the selectivity.

As inhibitor concentrate grade rice starch in its optimum conditions, obtained was 64.26, the metal recovery rate 88.43%, 17.75% grade tailings. Under the most suitable conditions, the new inhibitor 1# starch has a concentrate grade of 63.53%, a recovery rate of 89.15%, and a tailings grade of 16.78%. The sorting effect of the novel inhibitor 1# starch and corn starch as inhibitors is close, but the novel inhibitor can be configured as a stable solution with cold water.

The new inhibitor 1# starch has the advantage of being configured to stabilize the solution with cold water at room temperature under the premise of keeping the good index. The study uses an anion reverse flotation process with three times of usaox selected once. When corn starch is used as an inhibitor, the suitable sorting conditions are as follows: the amount of sodium oleate in the collector is 150g/t, the amount of calcium oxide in the activator is 500g/t, the amount of inhibitor corn starch is 800g/t, and the temperature of the pulp is 35°C. The pulp ph value of 11.75.1# starch as a new type of inhibitor 600g / t, pulp temperature 35 ° C, pulp ph value of 11.75.

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