Introduction to diamond beneficiation process

The choice of diamond beneficiation process is mainly determined by the nature of the ore, the size of the plant, and other factors. Reasonable process should meet the following basic dressing requirements: protection of diamond crystals, so that a minimum breakage rate; determining appropriate particle size sorting upper and lower limits; highest recovery (nearly 100%); Comprehensive recovering valuable possible Associated minerals.

1. Rough selection process. The rough selection of diamond primary ore generally adopts multi-stage crushing and grinding multi-stage selection process. Broken grinding usually includes coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing, coarse grinding (rod grinding), fine grinding (ball milling), selective grinding, etc. It can also be self-grinding, and self-grinding can reduce the total number of crushing and grinding. Simplify the process, save capital investment and reduce production costs.

The selection process for diamond sands is simpler than for primary mines. Before sorting, it is generally not necessary to carry out crushing and grinding. It only needs to wash the ore (smashing), sieving and de-sludge to separate the large gravel and fine mud, and obtain the net sand. The net sand is coarsely selected.

2. Selection process. The selection process of diamond ore is basically the same as that of sand ore. Generally, the coarse fraction is treated by x-photoelectric selection, ointment selection, selective grinding and sieving, hand selection, etc.; medium granules are treated by surface flotation, magnetic separation, electro-election, selective grinding and sieving, etc. The fine fraction of less than 1 mm is treated by chemical treatment, froth flotation, magnetohydrostatic separation, and heavy liquid selection.

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