Several repair methods can be used after installing the shaft bearing position of the bearing

Bearings have a wide range of applications in industrial production. However, during the working process, the bearing journals are often exposed to wear. What methods can be effective for repair? Let Xiao Bian take you to see below.

1. The bushing repairs the neck and neck parts to be repaired firstly on the lathe, and the part of the car should not exceed 5% of the shaft diameter. Re-insert a ferrule and heat the car's good ferrule onto the journal with a red fit. Then finish the car or grind it to the size that meets the drawings.

2. Insert two and a half sets of this method is particularly suitable for threaded shaft, not directly inset sleeve neck position. The two halves are made of a thin-walled ferrule in a medium-carbon steel vehicle. Its outer diameter is matched with the inner ring hole of the bearing. When installed, it is sawed along the axis with a hand or cut with a milling machine. The shaft has been journalled into a groove in advance. The outer diameter of the female pick is the same as the inner diameter of the ferrule, and then the two halves are buckled. As shown in the old 24, the bearing is finally installed. In order not to make soft 01 too small for the cross-sectional area, the thickness of the two halves should not be too thick, typically 2^-2.5% of the soft neck size. For shafts with a diameter of 105 mm, the two halves have a burning size of 2 mm.

3. Electroplating When the shaft journal bearing wear or poor machining, you can use chrome, iron plating and other methods to repair. After chrome plating or iron plating, grind again on the grinder to meet the dimensional requirements of the drawings.

4. Metal spraying When the shaft journal bearing wear or poor machining, metal spraying can be used to repair the journal, spray the shaft before the car to a certain size, and then spray metal, spray can be used after the lathe or grinder Machining to meet the size requirements of the drawings.

5. Welding repair will wear the shaft parts, first roughing the knife on the lathe, and then using manual welding, welding the shaft to a certain size, the machine directly to the drawings required size. In order to prevent the bending deformation caused by the shaft during welding, a symmetric balanced reflow method of reverse deformation should be adopted.

6. When knurling, punching, hanging tin, etc., bearing shaft wear is slight, or when machining is not excessive, and when the matching tightness is lost, the following methods can be used at the shaft and fitting position: For emergency response.

Knurling: Knurled knurling on a lathe with a journal bearing the bearing.

Due to rolling out of the pattern, the journal size increases.

Punching: Artificial punches are used to punch the holes evenly around the neck and neck. The projections of the holes increase the size of the shaft.

Hang tin: A layer of solder is added to the shaft to increase the size of the shaft. Before hanging tin, the oil on the top of the shaft should be cleaned with dilute hydrochloric acid solution, and then rinsed with water to dry and then tin, so that the tin layer and the journal joint well.

If it is a permanent part or an important part, these methods should not be used.

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