How does the minimum purchase price of rice announce how grain farmers respond?

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] Recently, with the approval of the State Council, the National Development and Reform Commission announced the low purchase price of rice in 2017. The low purchase prices of early indica, mid-late japonica and japonica rice are 130 yuan, 136 yuan and 150 yuan per 50 kilograms respectively. The low purchase price of rice was lowered in 2004, which was the overall downward adjustment since the country implemented the low purchase price of rice. It is further deepened after the reform of the temporary storage system of corn, the reform of the temporary grain storage system and price formation mechanism.

How does the low rice purchase price announce how to deal with grain farmers?
Then, how do the big growers reflect this price adjustment, can the market participants respond positively and correctly to the reform?
It’s hard to make money, and it’s easy to make money.
Hunan's large grain growers: there is a low price of shrimp in rice fields.
"It’s better to sigh than to sigh and save yourself. In the face of difficulties, we have to find out for ourselves." As a large grain grower with a large planting area in Hunan, in the face of this year’s comprehensive reduction of the low purchase price of grain, Changde Julong Agriculture and Forestry Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Tong Zhen said calmly.
One year's plan lies in the spring, and does not care about the complaints about the low purchase price. Tong Zhen has devoted all his efforts to spring plough production, organized personnel to pump water into the fields, put shrimps, and grab rice and shrimp continuous cropping. Since the country announced the low purchase price of rice, Tong Zhen’s heart has been tight, but she quickly calmed down. "The national policy has been set, and the purchase price has been lowered. Of course, there is a loss to our big family. But we are complaining about what is the use, and we have to do the work of spring farming."
As a new type of agricultural management, Tongzhen team has many years of experience in farming in Hunan. Since the low purchase price of rice has been raised for seven consecutive years since 2008, the price of mid-night japonica rice per jin has reached 138 yuan. Therefore, with the mentality of “as long as the heavens are beautiful, it will be able to increase the income”, the current shareholder of the Tongzhen team, Chadqing, planted more than 10,000 mu of rice in Weinan Town, Jixian County in 2016, but it has not been encountered for many years. The high temperature weather, the high temperature lasted for more than 30 days in July and August, the temperature reached 42 °C, which had a great impact on the rice that was positive for the flowering, which was 500 kilograms less than the previous year.
Although most of the rice is sent to the grain depot at a price of 138 yuan per kilogram. "The sale of grain storage is over 1,000 yuan, but the land rent is 500 yuan per mu, plus the cost of various kinds of rice is 800 yuan. The pure grain can not be paid." Accounting.
As the price of the purchase price was lowered in 2016, only the mid-season rice was planted, and the harvest was all mid-season rice. Although the yield was affected, but due to the low price of the medium-sized rice, Chad Qing still had confidence in the large-scale grain planting. He joined at the end of last year. Tongzhen’s Julong Agriculture and Forestry Ecological Technology Company, Tongzhen has expanded the rice planting scale to more than 21,000 mu.
However, the policy has changed. The low purchase price of japonica rice this year is 136 yuan, which is 2 yuan lower than 2015. "Even if the average yield per mu is 1400 kg of rice, 21,000 mu will receive 580,000 yuan less." Tong Zhen said that this is a big loss.
"The purchase price is lower, which is a big pressure for our big family, but we have circulated so much land and we must not leave the land here. Therefore, we have to rely on ourselves from the inefficient agriculture. "Children think. She and the team worked together to plan a scientific response: adjust the planting structure, implement diversified operations, improve soil ecology, and optimize rice varieties.
Adjusting the structure has become her solution to the dilemma. How to adjust the structure? She will implement rice and shrimp continuous cropping in 11,000 mu, and produce rice and shrimp rice in green through company + farmers and order farming. In Tong Zhen's view, all of Weinan used to be dry land, and the residual pesticides in the land have reached a limit. Through the rice raising shrimp, the residual pesticide in the soil is released through water, reducing or even completely removing the toxicity in the soil. As a result, the soil has been improved, the ecological environment has been changed, and the quality of rice has been greatly improved.
In order to improve the soil, Tongzhen did not hesitate to improve the land; in order to cope with the disaster, he invested 3 to 4 million yuan to build a pumping station; in order to optimize the variety, on the basis of large-scale cultivation of conventional rice, this year, several hundred acres of rice were tested... ...
"Since the rice and shrimp continuous crops have been invested a lot in the first year, there will be a good harvest in the second year. The output per mu will be 3,000 yuan, which is more cost-effective than the simple-scale rice planting. In this way, even if the grain purchase price is lower, There are rice shrimps in the middle of the field, and science is to raise them. I don’t panic in my heart.” Tong Zhen is full of confidence in the prospect of growing rice.

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