This dealer told you that the mystery of Xugong’s heavy truck sales growth is here.

The sales volume of tractors increased by 293% year-on-year. This is a miracle created by XCMG in 2016. But did you know that one of the XCMG heavy-duty dealers has achieved an eight-fold increase over the same period last year?

At the Xuzhou Heavy Truck 2017 Business Conference, the first commercial vehicle reporter interviewed Lu Xudong, the manager of Jinglong Automobile & Trading Co., Ltd. in Pingdingshan City, Henan Province (hereinafter referred to as Jinglong Automobile & Trade), and he just got a good brand manager and he walked off the podium. Although he drove himself to the meeting, he did not have any tired face. If we say that the increase of more than 8 times compared to last year is the result of struggle, then flowers and applause are the best rewards for this young manager.

Bending back and looking at the road

Lu Xudong is 30 years old this year, but has nearly 15 years of work experience. From the time the car was first repaired to the sale of cars, Lu Xudong's every step was silently working. In September 2012, Lü Xudong joined Xugong Heavy Trucks with his friends and became a distributor of Xugong Heavy Trucks in Pingdingshan City, Henan Province. At that time, the company had only two staff members and sold only two vehicles in the first year. In 6 years, the company not only grew from the “guerilla” of 2 people to a sales team of more than 30 people, but also increased sales at a rate of doubling each year.

Lu Xudong told reporters that when they entered the heavy truck sales field, it was a time of declining after the glory of the heavy truck market. In 2012, the company sold only two cars. In 2013, it sold less than 10 vehicles. In 2015, it sold only about 30 vehicles. However, in 2016, the company achieved a qualitative leap, selling 280 vehicles throughout the year, and the annual sales volume was even higher than the total sales volume in the past five years.

From 2 to 280 vehicles, outsiders saw the changes in the sales volume of Jinglong Automated Trading and the success of Lu Xudong's business; however, for Lv Xudong, the warm and cold taste was only his own best knowledge. When the market is not good, he actively seeks for a way out. When the sales volume increases, he feels self-possessed. Those who are alone and fighting every day and night are all turned into energy that is accumulated and sent to Lv Xudong to change from quantity to qualitative change. "Since the sale of trucks, I have been working almost every day. I have very little time to accompany my family. There are two or three hundred calls a day when the busiest time is. Even if we come to Xuzhou to open an annual meeting, the phone will not stop."

Speaking of the sharp increase in the market in 2016, Lu Xudong said that he had prepared. It is also because of his "preparation" that the company did not appear in the fourth quarter of last year, a large-scale market without cars. "Sales were not very good in the first half of the year. There was little movement in January-April, which was less than 30 vehicles. After May, the market started to get better, and it was not until September and October that the market started to erupt."

According to Lu Xudong, most of the company’s sales began with cranes and construction vehicles. Until 2015, tractors began to account for the vast majority. In 2016, 280 vehicles sold were almost all tractors. As for the types of customers, due to the abundant mineral resources such as coal in Pingdingshan City, there are a large number of retailers who purchase cars at the company, accounting for 80% of the total. Most of their purchases are for the transportation of medium and short distances in Henan Province, and the transportation of goods mainly includes coal, sand and gravel. This makes customers choose the most heavy vehicles in the model category, of which 460 or more horsepower models accounted for about two-thirds.

Opportunity for those who are prepared to challenge 600 this year

Lu Xudong concluded that there are three main reasons for the company's success in 2016. The first is the product advantages of Xugong Heavy Duty Trucks. “Especially the “H” wind tractors have been highly recognized by local audiences since the listing in the second half of 2015, and the quality of products is also reliable. Some customers have accumulated resources before and they have already Heavy trucks have brand trust.” This is followed by Xugong Heavy Truck's financial policy, which gives users car purchase support and greatly reduces the pressure on users to buy cars.

In addition to the above two external factors, Lu Jingdong’s Jinglong Automobile & Trade Co., Ltd. has also set up three transportation companies for vehicle affiliation. "These three companies now have a total of 450 vehicles, all of which are affiliated vehicles. XCMG heavy trucks account for the majority. Now, as long as customers in our company buy cars, they will choose to hang on to us and they will not charge any of their hosting fees. As a result, users’ trust in our company has increased, and our reputation has also increased. In addition, we plan to build our own logistics fleet and there is no doubt that Xugong Heavy Trucks will be selected.”

It is under the promotion of the above factors that the sales volume of Jinglong Vodafone has achieved a geometric growth, and the Xocong Heavy Duty Truck's market share in the Pingdingshan area has further increased. “I have done a survey. In the whole year of 2016, Pingdingshan added around 1,600 heavy trucks, of which XCMG's heavy trucks reached 15%, and successfully leapt to the top three of all heavy truck brands.”

At the XCMG 2017 Business Annual Meeting, Lü Xudong’s 4S shop not only received the honor of “excellent distributor”, but also Lv Xudong’s own award of “Excellent Brand Manager”. The Double Award was among the best, giving him more power to hit the market this year. Lu Xudong said that in 2017 at least 400 vehicles will be completed and 600 vehicles will be challenged on this basis. "February has not ended yet. Our company has sold 60 vehicles, more than we sold in the last four months. According to this situation, it is not difficult to complete the annual goals."

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