Guowu Dongfeng Tianlong Houshuangqiao hook-arm garbage truck


Guowu Dongfeng Tianlong rear double bridge hook-arm garbage truck chassis configuration: D310 flat head standard cab, Dongfeng Cummins ISD245 50 electronically controlled high pressure common rail engine, wheelbase 4350+1350mm, frame front width 940mm, rear width 860mm, resistance Heating cold start device, all steel 350L main fuel tank, fuel tank lock muffler side exhaust port facing side blowing, Φ430mm push diaphragm spring clutch, Shaanxi gear 9 gear 9JS119T-B gearbox, head gear ratio 12.11, The highest grade is direct gear, 7T front axle, 10T single-stage retarding double rear axle (Dongfeng 435), main reduction ratio 4.44 frame longitudinal section size 300×90×(8+6)mm, leaf spring number 9/10 , 11.00R20 radial tires, air conditioning. With ABS, driving recorder; under protection.




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The rare-earth metal thick film heating technology is one of today's most innovation and forward-looking solution for electric heating field.The thick film heating tubes/elements are produced by screen-printing dielectrics (5 layers), resistance (palladium-silver), conductor (silver) and isolation glazes on the substrate and sintered 7-9 times at temperature over 900℃.

da has more than 6 years of production experience in thick film stainless steel Heating Tube; more than a million products have been tested in market practice; and the unanimous recognition of the top manufacturers both in domestic and abroad (Midea, Kohler, Haier, Lexy, etc.) is the witness of Jieda's leading level in the industry of thick film heating tubes, and is also Jieda's motivation for endless excellence. No best, only better. Jieda will work hard all the time.

With large power Thick Film Heating Tube simple tubular structure, it can heat water flow inside the tube. Electric Circuit printed on tube surface, to heat the water flow inside.For applications where space is limited, this simple profile heater offers high thermal power density and fast response times to heat up or cool down (due to low thermal mass)

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