Introduction of procedures required to drive a refueller

Refueling vehicles are different from ordinary vehicles. This is a dangerous item, and oil is also the country’s lifeblood. Therefore, special attention and caution must be paid when driving oil vehicles. Drivers must apply for driving licenses for refueling vehicles, and must also apply for such certificates as operating licenses and dangerous loan qualification certificates. Compared with opening ordinary vehicles, the requirements for opening tankers are very strict. In order for a car to be able to operate on the road, it must have a vehicle operation permit. This is the most important basis for vehicles on the road. The state only recognizes this. If it is a shipment without a document, that is what everybody says. "Black car".

The driver must also apply for the qualification certificate for dangerous goods, which is mainly for the vehicle to pull some dangerous goods, such as oil, chemical raw materials and so on. In addition to these documents, of course, you need to be able to go on the road after training. This is also responsible for the safety of yourself and others.

First, refueling vehicles belong to special vehicles. Because they transport dangerous chemicals, they are not allowed to carry out private refueling activities in urban areas.

Second, individual traders transporting refined oil and enterprises engaged in the sale of refined oil should all be equipped with relevant certificates issued by the State, such as sales licenses, transportation permits, business licenses, road transportation permits for hazardous chemicals, etc. If you want to transport a batch of oil, you must write the history of the oil and the composition of the oil, and the driver must wear a transport permit.

Third, companies engaged in oil transportation and individual oil distribution vehicles must abide by the safety knowledge of chemical transportation and road transportation. Transportation should plan ahead in time to shorten the length of time for transportation and to take a remote route.

Fourth, small distribution vehicles that distribute oil for enterprises should, like large companies, convey transportation documents, component certificates, and certificates of qualifications of transport personnel when traveling, and must also understand the common sense of transporting chemicals.

The most important issue is some formalities. When applying for refueling vehicles , it is necessary to bring relevant certificates such as the certificate of the vehicle chassis, and the documents are the most important. As long as the quality inspection department passes, they can normally go on the road.

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