Use of brakes and clutches for small cars

Some drivers may go to the driving school to learn. When the coach may be practicing on the train, they will not be prompted to apply the brakes first. After the speed is slowed down, the brakes will be released, and then the brakes will be released. Depress the clutch to shift gears. However, the difficulty of such an operation is much harder than depressing the brakes and clutches at the same time, and it is easier to turn off the flames. It is necessary to thoroughly step on the brake pedal, but there will also be a situation in which the small car is ignited. The clutch should not be stepped on too quickly. If the speed of the small car has not fallen to a suitable level, the vehicle engine will have a certain deceleration. Role. However, too early to step down the clutch will create a gap, which will make the small car in an uncontrolled condition, which is not conducive to take remedial measures such as turning. Then, only when the speed of the small car is about to drop to the point where the car is about to be dragged on, the clutch can only be depressed.


When a small car drives downhill, it must not step on the clutch. The role of the vehicle clutch is to shift gears and prevent stalling under the second gear. When the vehicle is in the third gear, it needs to be depressed. When the brakes hit the brakes, do not step on the clutch. When you are in an emergency situation while driving, you need to hold your hands steadily on the steering wheel, and then calmly observe some situations in front of you. At the same time, you need to use your right foot to depress quickly and decisively.


When a small car is started, it is also necessary to operate the clutch properly. Before starting, it is necessary to first try the clutch pedal, first feel the feeling of the clutch pedal stepping down, and the working stroke and free stroke. When the small car was at the start, it stepped on the clutch to completely separate it; when the clutch pedal was raised, it needed to be performed in a reasonable manner. When the clutch pedal is lifted up, the process can be divided into three stages. In the beginning, the process is to be lifted quickly. When the clutch is half-linked, the speed of lifting the pedals of the small car is slightly slower; From the semi-link until it is fully integrated, the pedal can be slowly lifted. When the clutch pedal is raised, the accelerator pedal needs to be gradually depressed according to the resistance of the vehicle engine, so that the small car can be started steadily.

This kind of Drilling and Tufting Brush Machine is equipped with 2 drill heads and a hair planting head, human-machine touch screen control system, and optional Chinese or English language. The operation is flexible and convenient. The accessorie of the machine are all designed according to European standards. Two-color or single-color brush can be used in this machine.

Technical Parameters:

1. Weight: 1500kg

2. Planting method: Round wire

3. Production speed: 500 rpm

4. Planting peak: 65mm

5. Planting pore size: φ1.6-φ4.0

6. Storable procedures: 1000 models

7. X-axis travel: 400mm;

8. Y-axis travel: 320mm;

9. Z-axis travel: 160mm;

10. Air input pressure: 0.8MPa

11. Rated voltage frequency single phase: 220V, 50Hz

12. Machine power: 2.0kw

13. Machine dimensions: 1.14 meters long, 1.84 meters wide and 1.75 meters high

14. Packing size: 1.8 meters length, 2.1 meters width, 2.1 meters height (conforming to standard container requirements).

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