Requirements for use of mobile refueling vehicles

A vehicle is like a human body, and even if it is physically stronger, it will occasionally be harassed by the disease. Mobile fuel trucks can also occasionally have a little or big problems. Therefore, we should like to maintain the body, to maintain mobile refueling vehicles, let it remain in good condition. The correct use of the method plays a key role. But do you know how to use a mobile refueller? We'll give you a brief introduction about the requirements of mobile fuel trucks, to ensure the safe operation of the mobile refueling vehicle.


First of all, it is a requirement for the driver of a mobile refueling vehicle . The driver of the mobile refueling vehicle must have relevant professional knowledge to understand the working principle of the mobile refueling vehicle and to have awareness of fire prevention. In addition, it is necessary to move the refueling vehicle in accordance with the requirements, and it is necessary to strictly follow the prescribed route, and the speed of the vehicle should be kept within a safe range.

Second, it is the request of the refueling vehicle's refueler. Refuelers on mobile refueling vehicles must comply with relevant requirements. Because the inside of the vehicle is a chemical such as gasoline, the refueling person must ensure that the nearby environment must meet the requirements when operating. There must be no open flame in the vicinity. And during the operation, smoking is not allowed and no open fire can occur. Refuelers must check the vehicle before and after refueling. Before refueling, check the condition of the mobile refueling vehicle. Make sure that all parts of the mobile refueller are normal. After the end of refueling, also check the various parts of the tank to avoid the phenomenon of oil leakage.

Finally, it is the requirements of the testers of mobile refueling vehicles . The mobile refueling vehicle tester must perform a full-scale inspection of the mobile refueling vehicle every quarter and ensure that the daily inspections are carried out. Testers of mobile refueling vehicles must be careful to ensure that all parts of mobile refueling vehicles can operate normally.

Whether it is a mobile refueling vehicle driver, a mobile refueling vehicle refueler, or a mobile refuelling vehicle tester, it must be responsible for the correct operation of mobile refueling vehicles.

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