What happens to these unexpected conditions after the used car is bought?

Now a lot of friends who are ready to buy used cars will certainly worry about buying a used car, if the vehicle is dirty how to clean up? And what if you don’t drive a few kilometers and you’re broken? Don't worry about this kind of situation. On the following pages, we describe how to deal with the following two kinds of emergencies.

二手车买到后 这些突发状况怎么办?.jpg

The first, how to deal with the varnish of vehicle oil paint?

Everyone knows that before the car leaves the factory, it will give the car body a transparent film. To prevent discoloration of the paint, but also to prevent the vehicle while also improving the brightness of the vehicle. It's about the same as the beauty cameras that everyone uses now. However, as the vehicle is used for a long time, the transparent film will slowly become thin or even disappear. Causes the car paint to have some damage under the sunlight. Here is the rust or lack of gloss of the car paint. Then how to deal with this situation?

Xiao Bian introduced the simplest treatment method for everyone: In fact, the maintenance of car paint is particularly simple. We drive the car to a professional 4S shop where professionals can carry out various degrees of maintenance based on the degree of paint damage. They will lightly polish the vehicle paint, then seal it and coat it. You can handle it. In general, if the paint on the vehicle does not wear out, use this method. If the vehicle has a deep scratch, it is the most effective way to repaint the body.

Second, the interior of the vehicle is dirty and ugly.

Some people buy cars are not cheaper in Figure 2, but fancy the useful life of used cars, and the car does not have the characteristics of new cars chemical harmful substances car. But also can not avoid the drawbacks of used cars, vehicles used for a long time the vehicle interior will inevitably there will be some dirty and there will be odors, how to do this situation?

Generally, if we buy a car from a business, they will carry out a simple refurbishment of the interior surface of the car with the aim of selling a high price. In the case of a personal car, each person’s car and lifestyle are different, so the degree of cleanliness is not. The same, so buy a lazy car owner's vehicle. We must take care of it.

The easiest way to deal with this problem is to go to a professional 4S shop to carefully inspect and trim the interior of the vehicle. The change of the exchange, the cleanup of the cleanup.

Single Wheel Concrete Pile Spinning/Centrifugal Machine:

Concrete Pile Spinning/Centrifugal Machine is mainly apply to produce High strength centrifugal technology concrete spun piles of difference diameter and length, Prestressed Reinforced concrete pole(SPC pole) by spinning formed. According to customer's effeciency request, there are Single wheel spinning machine and Double wheel spinning machine at customer's option, it is equipped with a stepless speed-variation motor and a control panel, it works smoothly and its speeder is of wide-range. Its box base is sturdy and durable and easy for installation.

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Our Pile Spinning Machine's Advantages:

1. Unique "slot" design, change the screw limit between the bearing support and the base plate with the card slot and bolt limit. Both up and down sides of the spinning machine panel, undersurface and two sides of bearing support go through fine machining. Though the process is complex, it makes it more solid during high-frequency vibration of bearing support and the floor. Repair and replacement also have interchangeability.

Spinning Machine For Concrete Pile

2. Connection shaft is whole shaft, to avoid stress concentration brought by shaft diameter changes, resulting in the phenomenon of "shaft-broken".

3. The limit side of the support wheel is removable. It is convenient for users to replace.

Centrigual Machine For Concrete Spun Pile

4. Frequency-conversion cabinet of spinning machine records process parameter of each pipe and output reports, provides the office computer data communication interface.


Spinning Machine Technical Parameter:

Wheel Distance(mm)


Central wheel Distance(mm)


Wheel Diameteri(mm)


Axle Diameter(mm)


Automatic controller for centrifugal concrete pile machine



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