What are the advantages of using mobile led advertising vehicles?

The propaganda of the previous LED screen was limited, and now after the vehicle is combined with the LED screen, the good flow performance is well received by many advertisers. Advertisements can now be distributed to more places and distributed to the various streets in the city so that they can bring more returns to advertisers. Because the target audience of mobile LED advertising vehicles is relatively large, the use of this highly mobile advertising method can also make the advertising target more clear.


Because the body of the mobile LED advertising vehicle is now using a more professional design technology, making the vehicle's shape more beautiful, and the screen displayed by the LED screen will be more three-dimensional and realistic, high-definition picture, but also has the ability to adjust the brightness Light control system. Mobile LED advertising vehicles are not like the previous advertising campaigns. They need to consume a lot of human and material resources to build a lot of necessities. Only by using only LED screens and vehicles can make advertisements advertise better.

Mobile LED advertising vehicles are more energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly, because the output method used is traction, and it is also equipped with a self-contained power transportation system. The vehicle is a self-contained multimedia playback system and audio system. Can achieve more media and advertising some of the demand points, the vehicle's flow performance is very good, but also relatively low-carbon, LED screen is with excellent automatic energy-saving features, can be used to choose the scope of use and nature, The use of comparison is simple and convenient.

Although the mobile LED advertising car has a lot of points, but when choosing to purchase a vehicle, it still needs to be purchased by regular manufacturers. The best thing is to be able to visit a manufacturer to investigate the quality of the vehicle at a static distance and to learn about some of the relevant qualifications of the manufacturer. Carefully observe the relevant parameters of the mobile LED advertising vehicle, so as to ensure that it is in line with their own needs.

Cold die forging, cold extrusion, cold upsetting and other plastic processing.Cold forging is the forming process under the re-crystallization temperature of materials.It is customary to refer to the forging of unheated blank as cold forging.Cold forging materials are mostly aluminum and some alloys, copper and some alloys, low carbon steel, medium carbon steel and low alloy structural steel with low deformation resistance and good plasticity at room temperature.Cold forging good surface quality, high dimensional precision, can replace some cutting processing.Cold forging can strengthen metal and improve the strength of parts.

Cold Forging Parts

Cold Forging Parts

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