The difference between a pointed sprinkler and a flat sprinkler

If you have years of experience with a sprinkler, you must know that you have seen a pointed sprinkler. Although the pointed sprinkler has slowly withdrawn from the market, it has also been active in the market for some time. Compared with the popular flat-top sprinklers, what is the difference between pointed sprinklers? Many people want to understand the difference between the two, the following small series for your detailed introduction.



The difference between a pointed sprinkler and a flat sprinkler

1, shape. At this point, everybody knew at a glance that the tip of the sprinkler was pointed and the flat-head sprinkler was square, and many people thought it was ugly after they saw the tip sprinkler.

2. Safety when driving. Sitting on the tip of the sprinkler is its front, due to the front of the block, the observation of the road is greatly reduced, more blind areas when driving, more prone to safety accidents, far less flat-top sprinklers see wide However, in the event of a traffic accident, the safety coefficient of the tip sprinkler will be higher, because the tip shape can cushion the impact.

3, price. Due to the impact of manufacturing costs, tip sprinklers will be cheaper than flat-head sprinklers.

4, driving environment. For example, a vehicle with the same tonnage will be much more difficult to drive than a flat-headed car when driving a pointed vehicle. When encountering a narrow intersection, there may be cases where driving is not possible.

5, control flexibility. The dexterity of the tip sprinkler is much lower than that of the flat head sprinkler, especially when the vehicle has a relatively long body, and the driver needs to have a rich driving experience to fully control the driver.

The difference between the tip sprinkler and the flathead sprinkler is also well understood by introducing you, so we also know why the tip sprinkler is slowly being eliminated in the market. Although the Dongfeng pointed sprinkler still appears in the market, most people only like to use flat-top sprinklers. After all, it is easier to drive. As long as it is carefully opened, it is not prone to safety accidents.

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