Fence cleaning car knowledge

The fence cleaning vehicle is of reliable quality and powerful power, and can be fully automatic and high-speed cleaning, brushing various forms of urban fence guardrails, and is widely applied to the scrubbing of urban road barriers and roads on both sides of walls, and is equipped with high pressure water pumps and water guns. The system uses a two-wash, two-sided and two-wash cleaning process. Both sides are cleaned at the same time to make the cleaning more thorough, and single-side cleaning can also be performed according to the needs of on-site operations. Road isolation barrier cleaning truck is based on the introduction and digestion of the most advanced technology in the world and is designed and manufactured in accordance with China's actual conditions. The principle of brushing and protecting the fence is as follows: First, two rows of high pressure water jets in front of the brush roll spray water to protect the fence. Full pre-wetting, the process of forward movement of the car body, then brushing and rotating to clamp the fence, omni-directional scrubbing the fence, and finally by the back of the two rows of high-pressure water jets to spray water to wash away the residual dust, after brushing The guardrail is bright as new.

The advanced nature, reliability, rationality of program design

First, the product advanced: 1, using the built-in brush roller, can be adjusted according to the width of the guardrail, the height of any brush roller, after the completion of the operation, you can retrieve the inside of the container, automatic chain-type door (the chain of automatic doors for patents Product, falling, so that the overall appearance of the road isolation fence cleaning vehicle is good, the flow linearity is good; 2. The intelligent support wheel device design, to ensure the stability and safety of the vehicle when working; 3, the operating mechanism uses electricity, liquid, The gas concentration system is controlled automatically. The whole vehicle has a good man-machine interface and the operation is convenient and flexible. The driver can complete various operations in the cab equipped with air-conditioning, which is safe and comfortable. 4. The hydraulic oil cooling automatic control system is designed. The oil temperature is always at the best working temperature to improve the hydraulic working efficiency and system life and safety; 5, the use of large-diameter multi-corner bristles, the work efficiency is more efficient, and effective protection of the work finish layer; 6, special brush installation Structural design, bristles, quick and easy replacement, installation and operation, reliable and convenient; 7, external cleaning cover installation design, can meet the city A variety of barriers single-sided, double-sided operation requirements, operations more convenient and safe; 8, the job gap is accurately adjustable, stable and reliable, to meet the needs of stainless steel, spray and other types of different width of the fence cleaning operations, but also clean the trapezoidal bottom Pier; 9, equipped with high pressure water pump, water gun (standard), can complete the high-pressure washing operations; 10, with a front-mounted side fence cleaning system, can be used for roadside double fence cleaning operations.

Second, the product reliability 1, the various actions of the roller using full hydraulic control, greatly improving the reliability of the cleaning system and the accuracy of the action; 2, all the hydraulic components using international brands, the performance of a stable, reliable quality; 3 , Electrical, hydraulic and other system integration control, built-in door open, open mechanism, operation, water cleaning and operation back to a series of actions are completed in the cab control interface, greatly reducing the on-site operation intensity and protect the occupation Health and safety, improve the efficiency of product operations while safeguarding personal safety; 4, the use of secondary engine-driven high-pressure pump technology, creating a highly reliable operation of the transmission mode, the pump uses advanced ZMB240 high pressure water pump, high pressure, strong flushing force; 5 , Unique two-bump, two-side, two-wash design, cleaning without leaving corners, the cleanliness of the fence to 98%, do not scratch the paint, long-term cleaning can also form a protective film, thereby extending the service life of the guardrail; 6. The sprinkler system is equipped with a two-stage water filter to ensure that the nozzle is not blocked and the work is completed smoothly; The system automatically filter-free cleaning features designed to improve operational efficiency, ensure the safety agency.

Third, the product life, professionally designed hydraulic drive and water system, and the main components for the internationally renowned technical products, reliable, stable operation, easy operation; 2, ring brush combination structure, force evenly, easy to replace, Long service life; 3. The stainless steel design of the water tank guarantees the operation effect of the organization and adapts to the requirements of the urban fence cleaning and complex operating conditions;

Fourth, the product is economical and practical, safe and comfortable to operate. 1. The fuel consumption of the vehicle is 1.8L/km with the JX493ZLQ3 engine; 2. The brush life is 500km with the ultra-soft nylon multi-edge brush wire; 3. All the movements are controlled by hydraulic pressure, which improves the reliability of the work. , greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator; 4, the unique electrical control system is concentrated in a control box, the control box on the cab, the driver can complete the cleaning operation, greatly simplifying the operation process, save The labor force; 5, At the same time, the driver's cab of the vehicle is equipped with air conditioning, heating, and on-board CDs. The workers are free from the troubles of the cold and the hot weather and have a good working environment. 6. Each high-pressure water nozzle can be controlled individually. According to the operating conditions, it can freely control according to needs, save water, and further improve the operating efficiency. 7. Can be moved Internal operation control panel design, beautiful appearance, to meet the requirements of on-site operation convenience; 8, long flat front luxury warning lights and rear double arrow lights, in line with municipal work vehicle warning requirements and standards, beautiful and generous style;

Fifth, the design, installation of advanced and reasonable programs 1, cleaning device installed in the middle of the vehicle, the design is reasonable, attractive appearance; 2, brush roller built-in type, greatly enhance the safety of vehicle driving; 3, well-designed large-diameter brush roller ,Prolonging the service life and ensuring the quality of work; 4、Operations Full hydraulic system drive, reliable operation, flexible and light operation; 5、Working track stainless steel design, product use is reliable, product life reliability is better; 6、Independent work power Drive system, the system is more reliable, more efficient; 7, 2-9 km per hour operating speed design, to ensure the operating results, safety and quality; 8, the secondary engine with rear-mounted and large access door design, low noise and good Maintenance; 9. The auxiliary engine adopts a brand-name engine with the same brand as the main engine, which is of better quality and more convenient for maintenance. 10. Unique brushing mechanism design and high-efficiency brushing guarantee the high adaptability of the city's complex and fragile guardrail cleaning operations; Special support wheel design, effectively guarantee the operation effect and institution safety;

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