Liutkin land trucks carrying Xichai engine won the approval of Shouguang users

March 18, 2016, in the beautiful Chinese dish - Shandong Shouguang, Shouguang ushered hosted by Shun-materials company special Liu Jin Lu with Xichai HENGWEI product launches, from Shouguang customers and nearly 150 logistics company Yu Ren, who has verified the approval of Xichai products by users in Shouguang area.

Xichai Hengwei Engine provides the core power guarantee for trucks and buses with its brand-new concept of R&D and design. It is a fine product that leads the trend of technology.

Liutkin land trucks carrying Xichai engine won the approval of Shouguang users
Liutkin land trucks carrying Xichai engine won the approval of Shouguang users


Electronically controlled high pressure common rail system, higher fuel injection pressure, higher atomization rate, more complete combustion; optional integrated VCU device (vehicle fuel economy control tool), oil supply according to the vehicle load synchronization adjustment, all weather conditions The use of more fuel-efficient, fuel-efficient 3-5%; SCR product fuel combustion is more full, fuel efficiency is higher, more fuel-efficient and more economical; the use of vehicle power transmission system simulation software, the entire vehicle matching calculation, analysis and optimization, power Matching is optimal, and overall vehicle economy is better; 1.5 million units of social ownership, good network infrastructure, high parts versatility, fast service, convenient parts purchase, low price, and integrated operation are more economical.


Imported crankshaft silicone oil shock absorbers and high heat-resistant and shock-resistant vermicular cast iron cylinder heads, the quality of moving parts and core parts are more reliable; key components such as moving friction pairs, fuel systems, and post-treatment systems adopt world-class brand products. The technology is mature and the performance is more reliable; SCR product urea injection system has fault memory and power down pumping function to prevent nozzle blockage caused by crystallization of urea pipeline, and is more reliable to use; SCR product has water heating and electric heating urea pipeline, The urea tank heating function adapts to the cold area operation and the system is more reliable; the whole B10 life span is 500,000 kilometers.

Non-woven Fabric is made of polypropylene(PP) and it is flame retardant, anti-aging, anti-static, antibacterial, hydrophilic and so on. It can be widely used in medical and health, agriculture, architecture, industry and so on.

My company has developed non-woven production line independently, which can produce product range:

Weight: 10g/㎡ â€“ 200g/㎡

Width: 1.6m, 2.4m, 3.2m. Cut to any size according to customer requirements.

Color: according to customer requirements, any color.

Color Nonwoven Fabriccolor nonwoven fabric

Application of non-woven fabric:

Agriculture: harvest cloth, cloth canopy.

Industry: floppy disk liners. filter material, cable distribution, industrial wipes

Packaging: composite cement bags, store bags, packing base lining.

Home Lifestyle: wall cover, tea bags, shopping bags, curtains.

Medical and health use: surgical gowns, protective clothing, masks, diapers, wipes, magic towels, beauty products and so on.


Q1: Do you use filling material during the process of producing nonwoven fabric?

Yes, we do. The percentage of filling material is decided by customers. Also, we are able to offer nonwoven fabric without filling material.

Q2: What advantages do you have?

A: We are the direct Manufacture Factory so that we able to give the competitive price

B: We are the factory so that we have the ability to carry out punctual demand.

C: We can offer free sample for quality evaluation.

Non-woven Fabric

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