KVV control cable cable technical specifications and acceptance

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1.0.1 This standard is formulated to ensure the construction quality of the cable installation work, promote the improvement of the technical level of the cable line construction, and ensure the safe operation of the cable line.

Article 1.0.2 This specification applies to the construction and acceptance of 500 kV and below power cable and control cable installation projects. The installation of cable lines with special requirements, such as mines, ships, metallurgy, and chemical engineering, shall comply with the relevant regulations of professional regulations.

The installation of the 1.0.3 cable lines shall be carried out according to the approved design.

Article 1.0.4 The transportation and storage of cables and their accessories shall comply with the requirements of this code. When the product has special requirements, it should meet the requirements of the product.

Article 1.0.5 The cable and its accessories shall be stored for a period of one year or less before being stored. When long-term storage is required, special regulations for equipment storage shall be met.

The cables and accessories used in Article 1.0.6 shall all comply with the provisions of the current national technical standards and shall have qualified certificates. Equipment should have a nameplate.

Article 1.0.7 The technical safety measures in construction shall comply with the provisions of this specification and the current technical documents related to safety technical standards and products. For important construction projects or processes, safety technical measures should be formulated in advance.

Article 1.0.8 The construction of construction projects related to the installation of cable lines shall meet the following requirements: 1. The construction quality of buildings and structures related to the installation of cable lines shall comply with the state’s current construction and acceptance standards for construction projects. The relevant provisions. 2. Before the installation of the cable line, the construction project shall meet the following conditions: 1. The embedded part conforms to the design and the installation is firm; 2. The floor and the finish of the cable trench, tunnel, shaft and manhole are completed; 3. The cable layer Construction temporary facilities, formworks, construction wastes, etc. at cable trenches, tunnels, etc. are cleaned up, the construction roads are unimpeded, and the covers are complete; 4. After the laying of cable lines, the construction work that can no longer be carried out should be completed; 5. Cable trenches The drainage was unimpeded and the doors and windows of the cable room were installed. 3. Before the cable line is put into operation after installation, the construction project shall complete the renovation of the construction project caused by the need for the addition, opening, and reaming of the embedded parts.

Article 1.0.9 The steel fasteners used for the installation of cables and their accessories shall be hot-dip galvanized except for the anchor bolts.

Article 1.0.10 The anti-jamming measures should be taken according to the design requirements for cable lines with anti-jamming requirements.

Article 1.0.11 The construction and acceptance of cable lines shall comply with the provisions of the relevant national standards and regulations in addition to the implementation of the regulations.

Chapter transportation and storage <br> <br> Section 2.0.1 in the transport loading and unloading process, should not be damaged cables and cable tray. Do not push the cable tray directly from the car. Cable trays should not be transported flat and stored flat.

Article 2.0.2 Before transporting or rolling cable trays, it must be ensured that the cable trays are firm and the cables are tightly wound. The tubing between the oil-filled cable and the pressure tank should be fixed and must not be damaged. The pressure tank should be firm and the pressure indication should meet the requirements. When scrolling, it must follow the arrow on the cable tray or the direction of the cable tightness.

Article 2.0.3 After arriving at the site, the cable and its accessories shall be checked in time according to the following requirements: 1. The technical documentation of the product shall be complete. Second, cable types, specifications, length should meet the order requirements, accessories should be complete; cable appearance should not be damaged. Third, the cable end should be tight. When there is suspicion in appearance inspection, judgment or test of moisture should be conducted. 4. Pressure tanks, tubing, valves, and pressure gauges of oil-filled cables shall meet the requirements and be intact.

Article 2.0.4 If the cable and its related materials are not installed immediately, they should be stored according to the following requirements: 1. Cables shall be stored in centralized categories and shall be marked with the type, voltage, specifications and length. There should be channels between the cable trays. The foundation should be solid. When conditions are limited, padding should be added under the plate. Water must not be stored in the storage area. Second, when the cable terminal porcelain sleeve is stored, there should be measures to prevent mechanical damage. 3. The moisture-proof packaging of the insulation material of the cable accessories shall be well sealed and shall be stored and kept in accordance with the material properties and storage requirements.

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