Equipment manufacturing to prohibit production capacity across the board

"During the process of de-capacity, it cannot be across the board. We must increase support for the equipment manufacturing industry. We must increase the retention of the core enterprises and technologies of the equipment manufacturing industry and cannot easily eliminate them." Shi Jun, member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and deputy director of the Economic Commission Say.

Shi Jun believes that the overcapacity in the equipment manufacturing industry is very different from that of steel and coal. “At present, there are too many low-end machine tools in China, and the supply of high-end machine tools is in short supply. This reflects the structural overcapacity in the equipment manufacturing industry, but it is not the overcapacity in the entire industry. Shi Jun suggested that the equipment manufacturing industry should “have to do” when eliminating backward production capacity. Maintain pressure, retain advanced machine tools and other equipment, develop new equipment manufacturing industry, and further increase the development of new materials to meet the needs of emerging equipment manufacturing industry.

“Equipment manufacturing is the essence of the real economy and the most important thing. From the perspective of the history of industrial economic development, both industrial and industrial powers are big manufacturing nations, and they are all big players in the equipment manufacturing industry. National defense security is related to the development of many basic industries.” To this end, Shi Jun proposed to unswervingly build a manufacturing powerhouse, support the “equipment manufacturing industry for manufacturing equipment” industry, and increase the development of new materials and other aspects to meet emerging equipment. The needs of the manufacturing industry; strengthening the integration of government, production, education, research, and use of the five aspects, and opening up access to manufacturing powers.

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Toyota Trunk Cover

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