Explosion-proof tire really explosion-proof it? A look at a glance!

On weekends, a buddy car punctured on the road. Recently, the south has been wet and slippery, and almost an accident occurred. So ask the master about tire safety issues. Which mention explosion-proof tires, explosion-proof tires on the market really explosion proof it?

First of all, let's first come to science and technology. What is explosion-proof tires?

"Explosion-proof tire", its name is actually called the run-flat tire. It can be seen from the literal meaning that this kind of tire is characterized by allowing the vehicle to continue driving in the event of a leak. Energy can be exaggerated for individual businesses and the media, and the vast majority of people control this type of tire called "explosion-proof tires."

In brief, the explosion-proof tire only strengthens the thickness of the tire's sidewall, and it can support the weight of the automobile when it is deflated and can run at a considerable speed. Only the chance of a puncture is lower than that of a normal tire, and after the nail has leaked, it can continue to travel at a distance of no more than 80 kilometers per hour to help you arrive at the repair site and also to replace the tire in time.

Explosion-proof tire really explosion-proof it? A look at a glance!

What are the advantages of explosion-proof tires?

1 Explosion-proof tires are more supportive and tough than those of ordinary tires, so that when it suddenly deflate or a puncture occurs, the hub and tire can be combined with each other to support the vehicle without being too dangerous. However, if a normal tire encounters a sudden puncture or deflation, it can only rely on the hub to come into contact with the ground, and there is less tire support, because the tire will generally separate from the hub when there is no tire pressure.

2 Because the tyre structure of the tyre explosion tyre itself is not the same, when the tyre bursts, the tyre explosion prevention tyre will not be discharged immediately, so it can help you to continue to travel for a distance in the event of a leak. Even in the case of zero tire pressure, help you find a repair shop.

3 Explosion-proof tires reinforce the sidewalls, so the use of the tires is virtually invisible, making it more durable than ordinary tires.

Explosion-proof tire really explosion-proof it? A look at a glance!

The advantages of explosion-proof tires are relatively large and are also in line with the driving safety of cars. Is it feasible to replace the ordinary tires of vehicles with run-flat tires? Don't worry, we look at some of its shortcomings.

1 Due to the reinforced design of the sidewalls, the tires will be inferior in comfort to ordinary tires.

2 Because the explosion-proof tire wall is very hard, the vibration and shock that should have been absorbed by the tire are given to the shock absorber and other parts of the suspension. Over time, the life of the suspension system may be shortened.

3 explosion-proof tire because the tire wall thickness, and very hard, so once it is difficult to repair the bar, not to mention artificial, even the machine to wheel down the tires are a bit troublesome. If it does not work well, it will cause irreparable damage to the sidewalls.

4 Explosion-proof tires are generally higher than ordinary tires. In addition, even if you do not care about the price, you may not be able to buy the right model, because the run-flat tire is not very complete in terms of specifications.

Master point of view: explosion-proof tires are not punctured, and it is not recommended that you blindly use explosion-proof tires. In particular, the use of run-flat tyres for vehicle suspensions that have not been specifically adjusted will reduce the comfort and handling of vehicles. Therefore, it is still prudent to consider whether or not to convert ordinary tires into run-flat tires.

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