How to operate the sharpener

Grinding machine safety operating procedures

1. Safety precautions should be given to electricians who hold an electrician's operation permit for electrical installation or repair.

2. Check whether the voltage and frequency on the motor's nameplate match the power supply before starting up.

3. The contact pins of the machine power plug and socket should be fastened reliably without any looseness or contact.

4, do not abuse the wire, do not use forcefully yank the power cord on the socket, the wire should be away from high temperature, greasy, sharp edge.

5. When there is a fault or abnormal sound response, immediately pull the plug, close the button switch on the left side of the spindle box of the machine, and then perform inspection and repair.

6. Don't let the machine run in an unmanned situation. Be sure to stop the machine after it shuts down. When the outside world cuts off the power supply, the red button should be pressed. Otherwise, the machine will run in an unmanned condition.

7. Keep the work site clean and tidy, not in damp, messy, faint light. Use machine tools in flammable places. Keep children or visitors away from the machine and avoid all kinds of insecurity.

8, the machine can not exceed the maximum cutting capacity, to avoid the occurrence of various unsafe factors.

9, wear appropriate, do not wear loose clothing or wear hand jewelry, gloves, long hair application hair clips and then wear a hat to prevent the risk of being involved in the machine.

10. Workpieces should be fastened and secured during work. Do not hold the workpiece so that both hands can be used to operate the machine.

11. Keep the guide rails clean. Do not let sand and dust enter the guide rails.

12. Do not operate the machine when you are tired or taking alcohol or anesthetic.

13. When the parts and accessories of the machine tool are damaged, please do not use any substitute, and use the corresponding parts with the same performance, such as the use of this single.

Wall Mounted Fan Coil 

Air flow: 340m3/h-1360m3/h, Cooling capacity: 1808W-7210W

Characteristics of Water chilled type Fan Coil.

1.Coil: high effi ciency heat transfer performance.

2.Casing: reliable structure and elegant design.

3.Drain pan: special design for no leakage.

4.Motor: high effi ciency and low power consumption.

5.Fans: low acoustic level.

6.Controller: Remote contoller with facile and comfortable

7.Installed on the wall.

8.Maintenance: fan coils and filters shall be cleaned regularly by blowing with compressed air in opposite direction of airflow

Wall Mounted Fan Coil

Wall Mounted Fan Coil

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