Leaders from Hong Kong to Newport brigade inspection work

Leaders from Hong Kong to Newport brigade inspection work

In order to do a good job in the security supervision of the district during the flood season and stabilize the security situation in the area, recently, Director Wang Zhangfu came to the Xingang Law Enforcement Brigade to inspect and guide him during the shift.

Director Wang Zhangfu checked in detail the management records of the brigade, the electronic cruising records, and the working log, and pointed out to the law enforcement officers on duty that the problems had been discovered one by one and demanded timely rectification. Subsequently, Director Wang Zhangfu organized law enforcement officers to hold a meeting for the recent work. Director Wang Zhangfu pointed out that Lugang has been doing a good job of on-the-spot work in the waters of the “6.18” accident in the near future. At the same time, the Xingang Brigade will insist on daily supervision and not relax, and do a good job in various tasks arranged by superiors. In conjunction with the recent work focus, Director Wang Zhangfu put forward four requirements:

(1) The work arranged by superiors must be done in a satisfactory manner, without being discounted. At the same time, it must be carefully recorded for future inspections so that work and records can be mutually verified;

(2) It is necessary to take the “safety activities during the flood season” as the main line, and pay close attention to the on-site supervision of the passenger ferry to keep the “bull nose” as the primary task of the brigade. Combining with the results of the cross-check feedback of the Yangtze River Bureau ferry, the ferry was carefully supervised to carry out defects rectification, and the problems existing in the ferry must be reported to the local government in a timely manner. For the ferry crew, it is necessary to strengthen publicity and education so as to constantly regulate the navigational behavior. In severe winds, heavy rains and other adverse weather conditions, ferry piloting and forbidden navigation should be well documented and recorded in detail, and electronic ferrying should be used to supervise the ferry's implementation of the no-announce notification. To rationalize the source of risk in the area and strengthen the patrolling inspection of risk sources, we must persist in checking the Wanjiatan Anchorage, #206 floating water area, and the Heibei Waterway berthing area, and continue to do well in flood season safety publicity to prevent accidents. Dangerous situation

(3) Internal safety management should be well done. Checks and trainings should always be carried out on boats and boats to ensure that the sea patrol boats meet the day-to-day work and quick response requirements of the brigade. Law enforcement personnel and crew should wear life jackets when out of the boat to protect themselves;

(4) It is necessary to strictly abide by the "eight regulations" of the central government and the "seven prohibitions" of the Changjiang Bureau, regulate their own behaviors, and enforce the norms. We must strictly abide by the "high-pressure line" of the clean government and achieve self-discipline and self-examination.

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