Exquisite International Tire (Thailand) Co., Ltd. full line of steel production line put into operation

On July 26th, 2015, Linglong International Tire (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Lingyu”) held the 40th Anniversary of Linglong Tire Plant and the full-line production ceremony of its all-steel project. Nearly 400 guests from over 100 countries and regions in the world Together witnessed this historic moment. This is also the first truck radial tire produced overseas by the Chinese tire industry! (Thailand's first PCR tire was rolled off on January 16, 2014).

Exquisitely Exhibits 40th Anniversary of Exquisite Tyre Building in Thailand
Exquisitely Exhibits 40th Anniversary of Exquisite Tyre Building in Thailand

At 10:00 a.m. local time, Mr. Yu Jianhua from the Chinese Embassy in Thailand, Mr. Pornchai Tomkrajang, Chief of the Racha District, Mr. Chaiyos, Chairman of the Thai Rubber Association, and leaders of the government and associations, Mr. Wang Feng, Chairman of the Linglong Tire, and exquisite tires. Many partners around the world participated in the production ceremony. Under the traction of a Thai elephant symbolizing good luck and good fortune, the ribbons fell gently, the fireworks bloomed, drums blazed and the entire production line started!

Exquisitely Exhibits 40th Anniversary of Exquisite Tyre Building in Thailand
Exquisitely Exhibits 40th Anniversary of Exquisite Tyre Building in Thailand

Exquisite Thai is the first overseas production base for exquisite tires, and it is also the beginning of the company's “3+3” development strategy for overseas manufacturing. Since the Thai Linglong Semi-Steel project was put into operation in January 2014, Thailand’s exquisite steel project has also been successfully put into operation across the board, with the support of Thailand and friends from all walks of life. This marked that the exquisite Thai has entered a stage of rapid development. The entire construction project achieved four goals: fast construction, high equipment level, strong management capability, and profound construction significance.

First, the speed of construction

From the foundation of the Thai exquisite project to the full production of the project, it took more than two years to create the "exquisite speed" for overseas plant construction. The first phase of the semi-steel project overcame the unfavorable factors such as climate impact, cultural integration, and shortage of construction resources. It took 11 months and 19 days to start production on January 16, 2014. One and a half years later, the second phase of the all-steel project has also been put into operation across the board, with rapid construction and high construction efficiency.

Second, the high level of equipment

The entire production line is fully equipped with high-end production equipment such as imported cutting machines, one-time forming machines, and hydraulic vulcanizing machines. It represents the highest level of equipment for today's tire manufacturing, with high equipment accuracy, stability, and high degree of automation.

Third, strong management capabilities

Fully realize the integration of the two technologies, accumulate digital kinetic energy, cooperate with SAP system, PDM system, and advanced management methods such as vulcanization group control and intelligent error prevention and correction to achieve controllable control of process control and 100% traceability of quality. , to create a smart manufacturing of digital exquisite factory.

Fourth, the construction of far-reaching significance

Thailand's Linglong Steel Project is the first all-steel project built by domestic tire companies. It fills the gaps in the construction of overseas steel manufacturing bases, and responds positively to the national “One Belt, One Road” and “transition and upgrading” under the new normal economy. The implementation of internationalization strategies by enterprises has far-reaching strategic significance.

The commissioning of the exquisite steel project in Thailand is a major milestone for the continued rapid development of Linglong Tire, which will play a significant role in enhancing the core competitiveness of the company's international market. Exquisite also took this opportunity to hold a “Love Umbrella” charity donation event at the celebration site and donated 10,000 umbrellas to the Chonburi Primary School in Thailand to give guests a sense of exquisite responsibility, gratitude and caring corporate culture. It also made the production ceremony more meaningful.

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