PP Car Rental teach you three tricks Fun Car rental life

On July 27, July, the bidding index for the increment of medium and small passenger cars in Guangzhou was held. After the average price of personal license plates broke through 27,000 yuan in June, it broke through 37,000 yuan in July, setting the highest record since Guangzhou limited license . The current auction generated a total of 3,964 buyers. The lowest bid price for personal auction results is 35,000 yuan and the average transaction price is 37,805 yuan.

Compared with past data, in January this year, the average price of individual license plate auctions was 13,137 yuan, and the average transaction price in June exceeded 27,000 yuan. In July, it rose by 10,000 yuan, setting a new record for the 2012 limit, which was the previous record. It is 30,802 yuan in September 2013.

In the face of more and more expensive license plates, standing on the street every day and seeing the cars coming and going, do you mean "If I also have a car just fine?" Don't worry, Asia's largest shared car rental platform, PP Car Rental, has thought for you. Three coups allow you to easily enjoy a car rental life. Without a car, you can enjoy a car life. Citizens of Guangzhou can rent a car to work or rent a car on weekends.

PP Car Rental teaches you three tricks to rent a car rental life:

1. Skillfully use coupons. PP car rental has a lot of benefits for new users and old users, and is very popular, new users 190 yuan voucher, old users 108 yuan coupons, etc., we must always pay attention to the special information of the PP car rental.

2. Long-term whole rent is more than fractional short-term rental offers. The PP car rental platform offers different levels of discount for long-term rentals, renting for a week, giving tenants a one-day free concession for only six days. Car rental for more than 30 days gives the tenant 70% discount.

3. Keep out of danger, the higher the driving score, the lower the insurance cost. The PP car rental platform will give a driving score based on the tenant's driving behavior and experience. The higher the score, the lower the insurance fee.

The person in charge of the PP car rental told reporters that car rental work is suitable for home and company far away. Weekend traveling by car can rent different models based on the number of peers. For example, people can rent a GL8, and couples can rent a MINI COOPER or a beetle , SMART, or even a sports car .

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