·Italian classic legend MOTO GUZZI landing in China

On June 14, 2015, the Italian classic retro legendary motorcycle brand MOTO GUZZI, which has a long history of more than 90 years, has officially landed in China. From then on, the Chinese fans who pursue the quality of life and admire the gentleman style can finally experience the most pure Italian retro and excellent performance represented by MOTO GUZZI.
MOTO GUZZI, the representative of the Italian retro motorcycle and the perfect embodiment of advanced technology, finally landed in the Chinese market this summer. In addition to the retro and exquisite design, MOTO GUZZI motorcycles showcase the gentlemanly style of elegant personality and express the unique cultural connotation of the rider's taste. MOTO GUZZI is one of the few classic brands in the world.
MOTO GUZZI, which inherits the classic design elements of Italy, has successfully interpreted its innate aristocracy with its unique design of 90-degree angled V-type twin-cylinder engine. Excellent painting process, perfect chrome welding, each body conveys the family genes from Italy that flow through the blood. Its amazing explosiveness combined with extremely dexterous handling features, exquisite detail and luxurious texture make MOTO GUZZI truly the best choice for gentleman knights.
Since 1921, MOTO GUZZI Motorcycle Company has been born at the foot of the beautiful Lake Como, at the foot of the Alps, MOTO GUZZI has continuously conveyed the passion and energy of the brand, and is sought after by motorcycle enthusiasts and cyclists all over the world. The Piaggio Group has continuously designed the history of the motorcycle, the body and engine performance continue to upgrade, and strive to perfect. For more than 90 years, MOTO GUZZI has a wide range of different models and styles. Each model records the technological innovations of the world's most famous motorcycles. MOTO GUZZI has won numerous awards on the track and created a record that is hard to match, and witnessed many historic moments.
MOTO GUZZI, the three models of the Chinese market, V7, California and Norge are the star products of this century. The V7, which inherits the simple retro design gene, California, which combines elegance and advanced technology, and Norge, which is the perfect blend of street cars and cruises, are popular models all over the world, providing the Cavaliers with an unprecedented driving experience. All three models feature a unique transverse V-type twin-cylinder engine, and the extravagant configuration allows the Cavaliers to travel in any road conditions. MOTO GUZZI is also admired by more and more celebrity fans while making stars in the classic movie. The famous movie star Ivan McGregor is one of them.
On the one hand, it inherits the classic retro design of the brand, on the other hand, it constantly innovates the style and technology. This is the secret of the continuous success of the MOTO GUZZI brand. MOTO GUZZI is the perfect combination of strength and passion. It is a classic interpretation of vintage and heritage. It is the best choice for gentlemen and men; it makes the rider comfortable to drive and free to ride.
There are no two knights in the world. MOTO GUZZI Garage offers a range of original craftsmanship, exquisite design and superior quality, which makes each knight's car more unique and unique. The knight who pursues individuality can create a unique and exclusive car with his own hands, enriching the sense of ownership of the knight, making the journey more colorful and confident.
Every knight who loves MOTO GUZZI will find like-minded companions in the MOTO GUZZI owner's club, THE CLAN. THE CLAN brings together the owners of MOTO GUZZI around the world to experience the fun of cycling and to feel the world built with passion and to be a proud MOTO GUZZI owner.
With the official entry of MOTO GUZZI into the Chinese market, the brand new MOTO GUZZI flagship store was also grandly opened. MOTO GUZZI Shanghai flagship store will present a new motorcycle hall for motorcycle lovers, and its romantic Italian style will become a new landmark for motorcycle fans. Here, you can not only get a close look at motorcycles from Italy and a wealth of accessories and stationery, but also taste the authentic Italian coffee and experience the Italian cycling lifestyle.

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