Winnipeg Super Car Rental Raiders - A Fire in the Winter!

In Canada, a sparsely populated country, especially in the village of Wencun, there is no car, so it is bound to cause a lot of trouble. However, it does not matter for children's shoes without cars, because the car rental industry here is also very developed, and the procedures are simple and ready to use!

As long as you can drive, the backward public transport in Canada is absolutely difficult. You have already come to the peak of the business survey. If you want to stay in Wencun for more than a few days, take a self-driving tour. Xiaobian offers warmhearted car rentals. An article that will keep you cold in Winnipeg winter!

Hertz is a leader in the global car rental industry. There are 1,900 car rental stores in the United States throughout the country, and there are 6,600 car rental stores around the world. There are numerous models and short-term rental services - daily, weekly and monthly rentals.


Gold card users flew directly to Hertz's parking lot and would see a sign with their own name and corresponding parking position. No contact was needed (the same type of booked cars were often booked and automatically upgraded to more A good car, sometimes a luxury car such as Lincoln, can also be swiped when you return the car (if the registered account already has a credit card, you can save even this route).

The price of the inferiority is higher.

Avis is an internationally renowned multinational car rental company with more than 60 years of history. If Hertz is the largest in the world, Avis is the second largest in the world.


First, the service is good. Most airports (and major cities with convenient transportation) have outlets. They can quickly book online and do not even need to fill in driver's license and credit card information. Online changes and cancellations are also convenient; they can be picked up at the counter. The work efficiency is also good, almost never lined up, and the location of the parking lot and garage is also very convenient; Second, the car is very new, each time is given a new car that only opened thousands or even hundreds of miles.

The disadvantage is a little cheaper than Hertz. Car hire episode

Some netizens shared that he had a car accident while renting an Avis car (no one was injured, nor was it the responsibility of the netizen). After a high-speed rear-end collision, the rear car hit the netizen severely, so the netizen hit the front. At that time, the netizen opened a new Chevy Impala car that was only a few hundred miles in total. He thought that AVIS should feel bad and he immediately drove back to the airport. Unexpectedly, in Avis it took only a few minutes to fill in an accident report and immediately get a better car to drive away without any cost. The next day the netizen remembered that something had been forgotten in the car, and Avis also helped the garage to get it back, waiting for the netizen to take it off the next time he passed the airport. (This service is really good! Sure enough, a penny, a delivery...)

It's cheaper than the above two. And Enterprise can talk about the price, it looks like each salesman has a performance assessment, so you can let them give you the biggest discounts, such as my friend's appointment to rent 10 days cut 100 knife ... ...


Garage location and service are worse than AVIS and HERTZ. It may take 1-2 minutes to register at the pick-up counters of the above two companies. Enterprise is about 5 minutes, and it is not counting the time at the counter. The car seems to be old.

Alamo and Enterprise, similar to Enterprise, aim at the mid-range market, and usually have outlets at the airport. However, the location and staffing of the Alamo are much worse than the HERTZ and AVIS aimed at business users. There are often long queues at the front of the car counter.

1. Required Documents: If you only have a Chinese driver's license, the required documents include MPI Letter, original driver's license, driver's license, student certificate, and credit card; if you have a local driver's license in Canada, then you only need the original driver's license and credit card. enough.

2. The method of renting a car is very flexible. You can go directly to the business outlets of major car rental companies or book online directly.

* It should be noted that some car rental companies are subject to age restrictions. If they are stipulated as 25 years old, customers under 25 must pay a certain amount of underage fee, depending on the requirements of different companies.

car insurance:

Most car rental companies only charge rent and taxes, while car insurance requires customers to purchase separately. In order to protect one's own safety, you must purchase LDW Loss Damage Waiver or CDW (Collision Damage Waiver), SLI Supplemental Liability Insurance or (ALI Additional Liability Insurance).

In addition, there is Personal Accident and Effects (PAE) or PEI (Personal Effects Insurance). If there is a similar type of insurance, this expenditure can be saved.

Finally remind everyone to drive carefully, business test smoothly! ! !

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