·The use of Shanghai license plate for a limited period of time is not feasible in the short term

Recently, it is reported that the city will study the use of private car quotas for a period of time, causing heated discussions. This morning, our reporter was informed that at present, the congestion charge is also levied in the central city, the private car license has a term, including the scope and time of the foreign card, as a reserve policy, it is only an option for many measures. It is feasible to conduct in-depth investigations and solicit public opinion. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Traffic Commission clearly stated that the short-term is not feasible.

Increasing the price of vehicles has always been one of the real measures of “blocking” in foreign cities. Since 2003, the city of London has imposed a £5 “entry fee” (also known as congestion charge) for vehicles entering the city’s 8 square miles from 7 am to 6:30 pm on weekdays. Private cars and trucks have greatly eased traffic congestion and increased the proportion of public transport.

Singapore has implemented an annual vehicle quota system since 1990. The license is valid for 10 years. After 10 years, the owner can directly obtain a new quota according to the moving average transaction price in March; or pay half of the price and extend the right to use for 5 years. The validity period of the license makes it more rational for people to buy a car.

The stone of other mountains is worth learning. However, it cannot be ignored that these cities have a complete bus network, a high level of management, a sound legal system, and a better overall quality of the citizens. Many experts and citizens also believe that they cannot simply copy foreign experience, but must make great efforts to improve urban public transportation and facilitate people's travel according to their own characteristics.

Chen Xiaohong, a transportation expert and professor of Tongji University, said, “The key to solving traffic congestion is not only to restrict traffic flow, but to improve the public transportation of the city and to create a convenient and accessible public transportation system.” Urban and Rural Construction and Transportation Development Research Shao Dan, a senior engineer of the hospital, suggested that while improving rail transit and public transportation, a public bicycle system could also be developed to solve the problem of short-distance traffic inconvenience.

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