·China officially launched the research and drafting of the anti-monopoly guide for the automobile industry

On the 12th, at the relevant preparatory meeting organized by the National Development and Reform Commission's Price Supervision and Inspection and Anti-Monopoly Bureau, China officially launched the research and drafting of the anti-monopoly guide for the automobile industry (hereinafter referred to as the “Guide”). The relevant person in charge of the Price Supervision Bureau of the Development and Reform Commission said that the formulation of the guidelines will promote the further normalization and institutionalization of anti-monopoly law enforcement.

It is reported that the contents of the guidelines accompanying the Anti-Monopoly Law will cover intellectual property abuse, auto industry anti-monopoly regulation, leniency system, exemption procedures, suspension of investigation procedures, and calculation of fines.

The relevant person in charge of the Price Supervision Bureau of the National Development and Reform Commission stated at the meeting that after the introduction of the anti-monopoly guidelines for the automobile industry in the future, it will provide operators with clearer behavior guidance and reasonable expectations, and promote operators to actively abide by the Anti-Monopoly Law. Promote effective competition in China's auto market. At the same time, the guide will promote transparency of law enforcement and guarantee the right of defense of the companies under investigation.

The person in charge said that the anti-monopoly case is complicated and must adhere to the analysis of case-seeking truth. The guide will combine the development stage and actual situation of the Chinese market and draw on the experience of other countries.

The reporter learned that in the working procedures, the National Development and Reform Commission will entrust relevant parties to carry out targeted research. After the preliminary draft is formed, the National Development and Reform Commission will extensively solicit opinions from relevant parties. On the basis of full research and argumentation, a mature draft will be formed and will be released by the State Council Anti-Monopoly Committee after discussion and adoption in accordance with legal procedures.

In recent years, the National Development and Reform Commission has conducted in-depth anti-monopoly investigation and enforcement of the automobile industry, involving a large number of Chinese and foreign automakers, upstream suppliers and authorized dealers. At present, it has been determined that certain enterprises have monopolistic behaviors and have made a series of punishment decisions according to law. The companies that have been punished include 12 Japanese auto parts and bearing manufacturers, FAW-Volkswagen-Audi and dealers, Chrysler and dealers, Mercedes-Benz and dealers, and BMW dealers. Currently, several cases are still under investigation.

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