Cohesive strength FAW Liberation IV products lead the market

With July 1, 2013, national IV regulations were gradually implemented across the country, and FAW Jiefang was the first in the industry to introduce all models that met the national IV emission standards. In fact, as early as before the implementation of the State IV regulations, FAW Liberation has already started the development and development of the National IV energy-saving products. The well-prepared Liberation China IV has high expectations. Once launched, it has won a highly appraised market with its distinctive product advantages. And recognition.

By the end of 2013, Lifanguo IV had sold nearly 6,000 vehicles and became the most popular national IV product in the market. At the beginning of the Year of the Horse, Liberation China IV ushered in a new year. By February 2014, Liberal China IV had sold more than 10,000 vehicles and ranked first in the industry. Obviously, the Liberal China IV product is able to stand out from the rest, thanks to its excellent quality both internally and externally.

The most suitable is the best

As we all know, Liberation IV was born in the truck family - FAW Liberation. As a leading brand in China's truck market, FAW Liberation knows the importance of roads and working conditions in China for product research and development. It is also guided by “user needs” and has long been committed to the continuous upgrading of new technologies and new products.

In view of the different operating conditions of the products and the actual conditions of the domestic oil supply, the Liberated China IV products use the most advanced technical route of electronically controlled common rail + SCR and electronically controlled monomer pump + SCR. China's current national conditions also provide users with more choices. The biggest advantage of electronically-controlled common-rail technology is fuel economy, while the country’s three-phase equivalence is the largest in terms of sales of emancipatory common-rail products, and it is also the most abundant and mature in terms of detection capabilities and maintenance experience, and the after-sale protection is strong. The characteristic of the electronically controlled monomer pump technology is “no oil picking” and it is highly adaptable to the special circumstances of China's complex oil products. At the same time, the adoption of a mature international SCR technology route has ensured the reliability and technological advancement of the Liberal China IV product. In the engineering vehicle, the unique electronic control unit pump + SCR technology route of FAW is adopted, which is more suitable for subdividing market users' needs. The product has better adaptability and brings more convenience and economic benefits to users.

Have to say "fuel-saving" advantage

If we say that electronically controlled common-rail technology guarantees the advantage of Liberal China IV in terms of fuel economy, then the “systemic fuel economy” advocated by Liberation will be completely perfect.

It is well-known that fuel-efficient engines, fuel-efficient gearboxes, fuel-efficient rear axles and other golden ratio-matched powertrains have made Liberal China IV fuel-efficient. In addition, the liberation of adhering to the industry-leading ECU technology, more precise control of fuel injection volume and adjust the fuel injection time, to achieve the same power under the least fuel consumption. At the same time, comprehensive measures such as the use of vehicle lightweight technology, low drag coefficient cabs, and elimination of oil leaks to reduce power consumption were released, and full vehicle, all-road conditions, and all-weather calibration tests were conducted to meet the conditions for multiple operating conditions. It covers various conditions of use such as heavy load, half load, and no-load, ensuring that the user's vehicle can operate with economical fuel consumption under any circumstances. This fully demonstrates the liberation of the "system fuel-efficient" concept, and it also highlights the leading advantage of Liberal China IV "real fuel-saving."

Not to be underestimated service guarantee

We said that strong independent R&D strength and strong technical reserves have enabled Liberal China IV to take full advantage of its innate ability. Well, the "touched service" brand, which has long been popular for 12 years, has even added weight to Liberia IV's bid to dominate the market.

In terms of service guarantees, the nearly 1,000 service stations nationwide have been liberated and all of them have completed and appraised and passed the professional skills training of the State IV products, and sent technical service teams to provide “medical inspection services” and other items to make them fully aware of the Liberation Country. IV engine use and maintenance skills. At the same time, the minimum service radius of 60 kilometers and the shortest rescue time of 3 hours have been reached to ensure the user's attendance and all operational concerns. At the same time, on the basis of spare parts guarantee, emergency spare parts can be supplied within 8 hours in the province and 12 hours in the radiation area of ​​the spare parts center to ensure the normal operation of vehicles. In addition, urea, which is a necessary product of China IV products, has been set aside at all emancipation centers in the country to fully protect the market supply and ensure that users' vehicles operate “full-time, full-load, and trouble-free” to create greater economic benefits for users.

Corporate responsibility from the inside out
Some people say that social responsibility is a source of strength for companies to promote their own development. Without exception, the outstanding quality and service of the Liberation IV derives from the liberation of the FAW to the nation and the nation.

“Also the city is a blue sky, but also the people of pure land,” FAW liberation has always insisted on the integration of corporate social responsibility requirements into the business development and development, to play the role of the company, to act as a product. For a long time, FAW Jiefang actively pursued China FAW's “Blue Road Strategy” and implemented the three-track parallel R&D and production model of oil and gas hybrid power, gas-electric hybrid power, and natural gas power to take a one-step advantage in emancipating products. Actively promote the development of low-carbon and energy-saving technologies and new energy vehicles, actively participate in social charity activities, become advocates and practitioners of the “harmonious development of people, vehicles, and society”, and always walk in the fields of environmental protection, energy conservation, and emission reduction. Forefront, leading the healthy and sustainable development of China's commercial vehicle market.

With the full force of Liberal China IV in the market, the signal leading the glorious success will become even more obvious. In the following year, the fabulous legendary stories of FAW Liberal China IV products will be performed. Let's wait and see.

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