Five tips for using CNC laser cutting machine

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In the development and manufacturing of high-power CNC laser cutting equipment, after more than 10 years of development, our country's laser cutting technology and equipment have gradually formed a certain industrial scale. Basically occupy the domestic market in the low-end products, and some products are exported. However, compared with the United States, the European Union, Japan and other developed countries, China's laser cutting equipment still remains in the low-end product phase, and high-power lasers, laser dedicated control systems, laser beam transmission control, laser cutting proprietary technology, etc. The core technology also depends on imports.
With the rapid development of China's marine, automotive, aerospace, steel, power generation equipment and other industries, the global manufacturing center has shifted to China. The demand for CNC laser cutting equipment in China has increased year by year. CNC laser cutting technology is more flexible and flexible. Flexibility has gradually replaced traditional processing methods in the field of sheet metal processing.
Laser cutting equipment is becoming more and more popular nowadays, but many users are not very skilled in using the laser cutting machine. Here are five techniques for laser cutting machine to share with everyone. We hope to use laser for the majority of users. When the cutting machine has a big help.
1) The double-focus laser cutting head is a fragile item on the laser cutting machine, which is used for a long time and causes damage to the laser cutting head.
2) Check the straightness of the laser cutting machine's track and the verticality of the machine every six months, and find that it is not normal to maintain and debug in time. Without this, it is possible that the effect of cutting is not very good, and the error will increase, affecting the cutting quality. This is a top priority and must be done.
3) Absorb the dust and dirt from the machine once a week with a vacuum cleaner. All electrical cabinets should be tightly sealed against dust.
4) Always inspect the laser cutting machine belt and make sure it is tight. Otherwise, if something goes wrong during the operation, it may injure people, and it can also lead to death. The steel belt looks like a small thing, and the problem is still a bit serious.
5) Each rail of laser cutting machine should be cleaned regularly to eliminate dust and other impurities, ensure that the normal rack of equipment must be wiped regularly, add lubricating oil, and ensure lubrication without debris. The guide rails must be cleaned and lubricated frequently, and the motor must be cleaned and lubricated on a regular basis. The machine will be able to walk in a better position. More accurate cutting will improve the quality of the cut product. .
The above five points of use skills are summarized in the actual use of the bit by bit, with high operability. Of course, there is still a certain difference between the actual situation and the actual situation. When using it, we have to take into account the actual situation. Everything starts from reality.
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