Talking about the Programming of Chinese Characters in Numerical Control Processing

After the font file is processed in the graphics processing software such as CorelDraw, and then post-processed under CAD and other software, the "CNC wire cutting automatic programming system" compiled by itself (developed) is converted into a data control processing program, which can be successfully solved. The problem of line cutting programming and high precision machining of Chinese characters.

In the past, when programming the font outline, most of them use the font to print on the coordinate paper first, then define the coordinate system to determine the position of the outline, and then use the drawing software to draw and convert in the form of graphic files, or manually program. It is time consuming and laborious, and the accuracy is not high.

The choice of interactive files. As a graphical interactive file, DXF describes all the data of a graphic file, including the geometric information of the precise point, line, arc, polyline and other entities. In the use and research of various graphics processing software, DXF format interactive file has many advantages such as rich definition format, obvious data segment format, convenient acquisition and reading, etc. When developing automatic programming system, it is preferred to have DXF. The file acts as an interactive file.

In the existing many graphics processing software, there are roughly two categories: one is based on processing location, such as Adobe Photoshop and so on; the other is based on processing vector graphics, such as CorelDraw of Corel And other software. Since wire cutting is a category of precision machining technology, the image stored in the position is obviously distorted after being enlarged; and the vector image is a graphic format that is infinitely magnified and not distorted. In order to ensure the cutting precision, the vector processing software Corel-Draw is selected. .


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