High-quality and low-cost operation of CNC plasma cutting machine

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Of the three methods of thermal cutting processing classification, the flame metal cutting system is still the most popular in Asia. Unlike Western competitors, many Asian manufacturers are still unaware of the benefits of using stronger power such as plasma cutting systems and higher yield metal cutting. When purchasing equipment, Asian end users pay the most attention to the price, but many people are not fully aware that the commercial profit obtained by using the plasma cutting system is much higher than the initial cost invested in the equipment. Compared to users who use flame cutting systems, manufacturers using CNC plasma cutting systems can benefit from better cutting quality, higher productivity, and significantly lower operating costs.
Basically, companies pay the most attention to the ability to spend less time and effort on producing more parts. Modern plasma cutting technology is particularly advanced, and the types of metal that can be cut are more numerous and thicker than before. Even so, plasma cutting machines cannot completely replace flame cutting machines for steel machining that requires heating and bending, but they are used in most other industries - such as shipbuilding, construction, steel products, agriculture, HVAC pipe cutting, trucks Machine and hand-held plasma cutting can be used when manufacturing trailers, as well as facilities and equipment maintenance.
Fast Cutting Speeds Today, about 90% of metal cuts are 25mm thick, and plasma cutting systems have significant speed advantages in this range. Compared with the flame cutting speed, the speed is two times faster or even up to 12 times faster, and the cutting speed will increase as the thickness of the cutting metal decreases. Increasing speed will bring more productivity and more turnover to end users.
China Trailer Manufacturer - Liangshan CIMC Dongyue Vehicle Co., Ltd. is a company that has benefited from the replacement of plasma cutting systems. After using the plasma cutting system, the operator's cutting speed is 7 times faster than when using the flame cutting system. The cutting quality is higher and the production efficiency is 3 times that of the original.
Superior cutting quality In today's highly competitive industries, cutting quality is an important decisive factor in addition to increasing the cutting speed. The advantage of CNC plasma is that there is little or no slag left after cutting. However, after the flame cutting, a lot of slag is left, which requires the worker to spend time to remove the residual metal slag on the cutting surface.
The plasma cutting system achieves excellent cutting quality with various technical forces including the best angle. Using a plasma cutting system can greatly reduce the heat affected zone (HAZ); however, flame cutting cannot. Moreover, plasma cutting does not require preheat-flame cutting. In this way, the plasma cutting system is optimal for cutting thin materials (less than 6 mm) because it avoids problems such as hot roll-up of metal plates that are commonly seen when using flame cutting.
Higher production efficiency Simply put, the above mentioned superior cutting quality, lower operating costs and higher productivity The advantages of CNC cutting means that Asian manufacturers can process more with less cost Components. During the recession, human resources will be impacted, but production efficiency will not be affected. The plasma cutting system enables plant managers to continue to meet their production targets on time and on schedule, and is likely to be completed at low operating costs, which is important for all company interests.
After introducing the cutting quality, we must introduce the production efficiency. The factory manager requires that the production efficiency be increased month by month and year by year. In the case of piercing, if flame cutting is used, it is necessary to use a flame to preheat the metal to 1,000°C, so it takes 30 seconds to perforate a 15 mm thick steel plate. In contrast, plasma cutting does not require any preheating and can pierce steel plates of the same thickness in less than 2 seconds. After plasma cutting, combining cutting speeds two times faster than flame cutting will effectively improve the company's production efficiency.
The Swedish manufacturer Elmhults Konstruktion AB personally confirmed that the production process of their factory was changed to plasma cutting, the production efficiency was increased by 25%, and downtime was significantly shortened. The company needs to process more than 8,000,000 tons of steel per year. Therefore, having a system that can provide high cutting quality and high efficiency is the key to a stable transition of the company.
In a variety of cutting applications, plasma cutting can significantly reduce the cost per unit length of cutting compared to CNC flame cutting machines, which is the best cutting technology for Asian manufacturers. In the following paragraphs, we will introduce the Asian manufacturers' metal cutting requirements and how plasma cutting technology can better meet these needs.
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