Intense competition in the automobile throttle field

The number of auto parts companies in China is huge, and the automobile accelerator pedal area is no exception. Although there are no detailed statistical data in the industry, according to the statistics of the information interviewed by the reporters, there are at least companies engaged in the production of automobile cable-type or electronic accelerator pedals. Dozens of homes. The emergence of the electronic accelerator pedal assembly is precisely the response to the new situation in the development of automotive electronics technology. Joint ventures and independent parts and components companies are facing fierce competition in this field.

Energy saving electronic throttle <br> <br> help the driver to control the throttle opening of the engine through the operation of the accelerator, the engine to control the amount of the combustible gas mixture enters, changing the engine speed and power. The traditional engine throttle control mechanism is operated by a cable or a pull rod, one end is connected with an accelerator pedal, and the other end is connected with a throttle linkage plate, that is, a pull-type (mechanical) accelerator pedal assembly. Electronic throttle assembly is mainly composed of the accelerator pedal, sensor, ECU (electronic control unit) and other components, through the operation of the signal conversion instructions to control the engine electronic control system.

Pang Peiguo, head of the sales department of Ningbo Gaofa Motors Co., Ltd., told reporters: “The drag-type accelerator pedal assembly has been limited in its application range today when the automobile emission standards are increasing. This traditional throttle control system is directly But the lack of accuracy, and the electronic accelerator pedal in the precise control of engine fuel injection, air intake in terms of greater advantages, can improve the engine combustion efficiency, thereby reducing fuel consumption, reduce pollutant emissions.Electronic accelerator pedal application range The gradual reduction in production costs will continue to expand, and there is a strong tendency to replace traditional drag-type accelerator pedals."

<br> <br> old and new companies compete in the domestic electronic accelerator pedal assembly production of auto parts enterprises, have followed the trend of automotive electronics and automotive electronics research in the qualification of older auto parts enterprises, but also itself In the field of electronic and electrical electronics companies have deeper experience in the development of components and system boards.

Ningbo Gaofa Automobile Control Co., Ltd., an interview with this reporter, is an auto parts company that was earlier engaged in the development of the electronic accelerator pedal in China. Qian Gaofa, the chairman of the company, has a number of patents in the field of automotive variable speed controls, automotive cable products, and electronic accelerator pedals. In 2003, he began researching and developing electronic accelerator pedals. Now he supports Geely, Jinlong, Yutong, and Beiqi Foton. Zhejiang Taihong Electromechanical Co., Ltd. mainly produces pull-type accelerator pedal assembly, brake pedal assembly and other products. Its marketing director, Shang Guanbin, said: “The era of automotive electronics has come. We have also started the development of electronic accelerator pedal assembly. Currently, it is working with the research institutes of the German Hella Group in Taiwan to design and test products. It is expected that new products will be supplied to the automakers in the second half of this year."

It is worth noting that Chongqing Chuanyi Microcircuit Co., Ltd. is a senior enterprise established in the microelectronics industry in the 1960s and is now also involved in the research and development of automotive electronic products such as electronic throttle control systems. The company also produces automatic exchanges. Blocks, throttle position sensors, oil level sensors, and other products have been supplied to many domestic and international OEMs and engine companies.

Pedal to meet the needs of domestic <br> <br> in our country, electronic accelerator pedal assembly applications early dependence on imports, in recent years, with the domestic parts enterprises active independent research and development, as well as foreign parts enterprises stationed in the country to establish production lines, domestic The total production of electronic accelerator pedals has gradually increased. Before 2010, domestic electronic accelerator pedals were used more in trucks and buses. In 2010, the electronic accelerator pedal really began to be widely used in the field of passenger cars.

According to the feedback from the interviewed companies, the production and sales capacity of individual accelerator pedal assemblies has reached a million. The output of electronic throttle assemblies of multiple companies has maintained a double-digit growth rate in recent years, which is higher than the growth rate of domestic vehicle production. This also indicates that the application range of electronic accelerator pedals is expanding. At present, no matter whether it is a pull-type accelerator pedal assembly or an electronic accelerator pedal assembly, the domestic production scale fully meets the domestic automobile matching demand and no foreign imports are required.

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