U disk in the CNC cutting machine system use matters needing attention

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CNC cutting machine U disk use. In the operation, it is recommended that everyone is the best, do not install a lot of things that are not related to themselves, such as pictures or games and movie music. It is advisable that when you use it, you should not store too much of it. It will occupy more space on your U disk, occupy more space, and U disk will slow down when you use it. So here, it is recommended that everyone use a U disk reasonably is also an important detail issue. It is recommended that when using, do not store the folder in the U disk, the general folder is not read in the U disk, unless it is on the computer can be displayed out of your folder. When using this, everyone remembers to remember to avoid wasting your work and wasting time on this U disk.
If there is a virus in the U disk, it is recommended that you should be careful to use such a U disk, because if the U disk once poisoned, it can not be used or normal read, and it will also affect the CNC cutting machine operating system, it is recommended Friends discard or kill the U disk directly for use. If you throw away the U disk, you need to download a professional CNC cutting machine system. U disk usage is not good, if serious, it may cause all systems to crash, so I suggest that if you want to download something in the U disk, it is best to look at the computer system there are no signs, otherwise it will Affects all operating systems. Why do we always emphasize that everyone, U disk only, is afraid that users will use the system's U disk to install other information, in that case, if we use U disk to install other files, it is likely that the citation file comes with a virus The U disk is infected, the virus infection may be a song in U disk or a movie in or a picture, there is this possibility, so my friends want to protect U disk, do not let U The disk affects the operating system of the CNC cutting machine.
U disk file storage and storage format: graphics or code stored in the U disk, the file must be stored directly into the U disk directory, which does not allow storage folder. For the file name, it is advisable to propose a name that should not be too long. If it is too long, the name on the display cannot be completely displayed. It is OK to mark a short, easy-to-remember name. There is nothing in this block. Too much of a requirement is that everyone feels that they can read it and then it will be fine.
In order to facilitate our operation, this site Xiao Bian suggested to change the amount of compensation according to the actual cutting situation, it is recommended that designers use the same figure with several kinds of compensation may be used to store U disk, and use the last two numbers in the file name To represent. For example: SK-01, SK-02, etc., so that easy to distinguish and memory.
The control system file transfer of CNC cutting machine can actually be understood simply, that is, we communicate with the operating system of CNC cutting machine. Generally, since the mode of the disk is mainly the use of special devices, their system is the most common type of program transmission. This means that the whole idea is a good way to kill two birds with one stone.
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Spray Drying Machines are mainly used for drying various kinds of liquids such as emulsion, suspension, paste and solution. The finished products are in the shapes of powder or granule. Spray Dryers are manufactured for the specific products to be dried. They should accord with the specific requirements of products, such as finial residual moisture content, bulk density and particle size distribution.

Spray Drying Machines includes LPG Centrifugal Spray DryersZPG Herbal Extract Spray DryersYPG Pressure Spray Dryers. 

The LPG series spray dryer is mostly used for wide different indutries such as pharmaceutcial, foodstuff, chemical etc; ZPG series spray dryer is mostly used for pharmeceutcial industry to deal with herb and plant extract liquid. Compared to LPG series, it adds the wall cooling function, production cooling function and its spray tower is much bigger. The YPG series presssure dryer can get a relative bigger powder size and mostly used in chemical and food indstry. 

Spray dryer is a kind of device that can simultaneously implement drying and pelleting simultaneously. According to the technological requirements, this spray drying machine can adjust the pressure and flow rate of the feeding pump as well as nozzle size, so as to get the required spherical particles with a certain proportion.

Features of Spray Drying Machines

1.With fast drying speed, the surface area of the liquid is greatly increased after atomization. In the hot airflow, our spray dryers can instantly evaporate 95%-98% moisture of materials, is especially suitable for drying heat sensitive materials. The drying time only takes a few seconds.
2.This spray drying machine has the good advantages of excellent uniformity, fluidity and solubility, high purity and superior quality. Our drying equipment has simple production process and easy operation and control.
3.Our spray dryers are able to dry the liquids with 40% to 60% moisture content (special materials can reach 90%) to powdery products at a time. The products after drying do not need to be crushed and screened, which can reduce the production process and improve product purity. The particle size, bulk density and moisture of the products can be adjusted by changing the operating conditions within a certain range.

Selection Notes for Customers
1.Name and physical property of the liquid: moisture content, viscosity, surface tension and PH value
2.Powder volume, allowable residual moisture content, granularity and allowable maximum temperature after drying
3.Output and working time per day
4.Available energy: vapor pressure availability, electric capacity, and the capacity of coal, oil and gas
5.Control requirement: whether the entrance and exit temperature should be controlled
6.Collecting powder requirements: whether to install the bag trap, environmental requirements for discharging the tail gas



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Spray Drying Machines

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