The development status of metrology instrumentation industry

The development status of metrology instrumentation industry

The development of China's metrological instrumentation lags behind, there are many problems, facing a severe situation, and its main factors are concentrated in the following four aspects:

First, the progress of technological innovation and industrialization is slowed down Modern metering is a highly integrated product of optical, mechanical, electrical, computer and many kinds of basic disciplines. It is very sensitive to new technologies and is a new technology application and development in replacement of modern industrial products. One of the most rapid categories is the launch of new products every year. Especially in today's information age, competition is becoming increasingly fierce and a slight slowdown in the pace of development will be far behind. Now that we have entered the 21st century, the general level of China's metrology and instrumentation has remained at the international level in the early 1980s. Large and high-end equipment and equipment are almost all dependent on imports. Many urgently needed special instruments are still blank, and mid- to low-grade products are guaranteed. There are many difficulties in quality that need to be overcome. The delay in the development of technological innovation and its industrialization is a "bottleneck" restricting the development of China's metrological instrumentation industry. There are three main factors constraining China's scientific and technological innovation and development delay in the metrological instrumentation industry: First, serious shortage of scientific research funds; The second is the lack of talent; the third is the lack of effective integration of government, production, education, research, and application.

Second, product stability and reliability can not be a fundamental solution to China's long-term measurement products, including industrial automation instrumentation systems, communications equipment, etc. Although the gap between the technical indicators and similar foreign products is not very large, but the stability and reliability is not high. This has greatly limited the scope of use and credibility of China's metrology products. There are three main reasons for this:

(1) Long-term neglect of the development of basic technology research.

(2) The quality of domestically produced common parts and basic parts is not critical.

(3) The quality control and management of the company's products are weak, and the quality of the products is not relevant.

Third, the old system constrains the development of the enterprise The old system is a common issue that restricts China's economy, especially the development of state-owned enterprises. The instrument industry is no exception. A considerable number of state-owned enterprises have been unable to break away from their historical burden due to the long-term constraint of the old system, lost their vitality in the market competition, and suffered a serious downturn in their production and operations. A large number of state-owned enterprises are struggling on the life and death line. Therefore, accelerating institutional reform is one of the important ways for development.

Fourth, the development of the metrology instrumentation industry is constrained by the objective environment:

(1) Taxes are too heavy. The enterprises for measurement products are generally small in scale, with few production batches, and the total output value and economic benefits are not high. However, modern metering instruments and meters have enormous inflated effects on the national economy and produce incalculable double benefits. For industries with such special properties, 17% of VAT is levied just like other industries, and 33% of income tax and the same percentage of tariffs are overtaxed.

(2) The governments at all levels, including the industry's competent authorities and the banking, taxation, and industry and commerce departments, have insufficient understanding of the importance of developing the metrology products industry, and their support is insufficient. (3) The lack of procurement policies to support the development of national industries.

(4) Poor basic industry capabilities in China. Including product quality, service ability and reputation ability are all poor, which directly affects the development of the industry.

Measures and Suggestions for Revitalizing China 's Metrological Instrumentation Industry . In order to revitalize the development of the industry, the State should be negotiated with the relevant departments of the State Development Planning Commission, the Economic and Trade Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Finance to formulate the necessary supportive policies. Modern measurement has integrated a variety of high-tech achievements. The development of modern metering instruments and meters must focus on outstanding talents and invest huge amounts of money. Therefore, it requires a group of large companies with well-known brands with considerable economic strength as leading enterprises to drive the development of the entire industry and simultaneously reform the state-owned enterprises as soon as possible. Inject new vitality. Because the instrument industry is generally small in scale and has a short history, the “contracting burden” is relatively light, and the product structure is easy to adjust. Therefore, the difficulty of restructuring is relatively small. It is suggested that the state should accelerate the restructuring of state-owned enterprises, and can provide clear requirements for the promotion of measurement. The development of the instrument industry will have a positive driving effect.

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