How to choose garbage truck tyres

Many users who buy garbage trucks always feel that the original tires provided by manufacturers are of unreliable quality. Actually, the original tires are the most suitable for the speed of garbage trucks and the maximum axle load of garbage trucks. Therefore, in theory, the tires should be replaced. Give priority to original tires.

In the later period when tires are replaced with garbage trucks, in addition to giving priority to original tires, secondly, attention is paid to tire treads. The pattern on garbage truck tires not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has a great influence on the performance of tires. In particular, garbage trucks that are often used in southern cities should select those with good drainage patterns, such as regular, small block patterns; while garbage trucks that require cross-country and long-distance transport, you can choose large-size patterns. .

If you are unsatisfied with the original handling of the garbage truck, consider replacing the tire with a lower flatness ratio for the garbage truck. For many models, one of the most effective ways to improve the appearance and maneuverability of vehicles is to replace low-profile tires.

The automobile manufacturers specially remind everyone that: to replace the tires for garbage trucks, to avoid retreading tires in the purchase, the current market, especially some street shops will often sell some refurbished tires shoddy to sell, garbage owners in Must pay attention to purchase. After more than ten years of repairing the garbage truck, Master Zhang introduced that it is not difficult for ordinary consumers to identify retreaded tires. The method is actually very simple: the most common is to observe the color and luster of the tires, and to compare the color and luster of the retreaded tires. It's bleak, so don't blindly buy a tire like this.

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