Heyuan medical equipment procurement Qi Xie microwave vacuum blood vessel sterilization machine

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Heyuan Medical Devices Co., Ltd. through a number of experiments, verification, signed with our company vacuum blood vessel microwave sterilization machine contract for the further sterilizing the blood collection tube in order to achieve commercial aseptic requirements.

Vacuum blood collection tube A vacuum suction blood collection tube consisting of a glass tube and a rubber stopper or a butyl rubber stopper. It is mainly used in medical units for clinical examinations and one-time use of intravenous blood collection needles. It is based on the color of the cap. Make a distinction.

The collection of vacuum venous blood samples is a major improvement over traditional blood collection methods. Since blood collection procedures are performed in a totally closed system, the possibility of blood contamination and cross-contamination is fundamentally eliminated, and because of its simple structure and convenient use, it has taken up a large market.

Through experimental research, it has been shown that vacuum blood collection tubes can be treated within 8-10 minutes in a microwave sterilizer to achieve sterilization requirements with high efficiency and short time. The equipment is made of full-304 stainless steel, high-quality microwave accessories, common button control, and easy operation. It is a good equipment that is notoriously good. I believe that in the blood collection industry will cause new changes.

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