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Product model number: BJ1069VEJD6-AS

Emission Standards: Euro III

Product Specifications: 4.5m3

With the improvement of the people’s living standards, the material requirements have been continuously improved, and the level of vacuum cleaners has also been continuously upgraded. Our company now produces environmentally friendly vacuum cleaners, small vacuum cleaners, and high-efficiency vacuum cleaners . Driving on a sanitation sweeper is like driving a car on the road. It is powered by directions, and it is easier to use. Air-conditioning is also provided. The vehicle operation can be completed in the cab without the need for an environmentally friendly vacuum cleaner. , Efficient vacuum cleaner , an easy task to complete all operations, the cleaning effect is better, the cleaning efficiency can reach 99%, the garbage on the cement pavement is nothing more than sand, small stones, leaves, white pollution, slightly larger point is Bricks, etc. are within its sweeping range.

Product introduction:

The "Futian series of high-efficiency vacuum cleaners" developed and produced by our company is a brand-new "mainly pure suction method, supplemented by clean sweep brushes, strong suction power, high net absorption rate, easy maintenance, and good economical use". Road sweeper high-end products!
Futian High-efficiency Vacuum Dry Cleaning Vehicles use the original chassis of Futian Company and adopts the principle of pure vacuum suction. Because of its pure suction and dust-free sweeping brush, no need to sprinkle water, no secondary dust, large suction force, and strong operation ability. Humanized and other traditional road sweeper unmatched advantages, Futian full pneumatic dry vacuum cleaner is particularly suitable for municipal sanitation departments, cement plants, steel mills, port terminals, thermal power plants, coal plants, coking plants, highways, cities Roads, airport logistics, smelting workshops, campus parks, and other high-density, high-density dust areas are the preferred products for cleaner production and cleaning of urban arterial roads.

High efficiency vacuum pure suction sweeper product features:

1, full pneumatic dry. All operations are completed, blowing and suction combined, no secondary dust.

2, brushless sweeper does not have to brush water, dry suction, the car a clean.

3, vacuum effect. From tens of micrometers of dust to ordinary pebbles, leaves and other debris can be effectively removed, dust removal rate of 98% or more, can be described as "sweep ten times better than smoking again."

4, the structure is simple, fewer wear parts, easy to use and maintain, easy to operate.

5, the company's pure suction sweeping vehicle emission standards have reached the national standard requirements.


Technical project

Technical Parameters


Cleaning operations and work features

All air dry cleaning operations.


working environment

It is suitable for all seasons and all-weather use. During the winter, it is vacuum-cleaned and built-in water mist separator. It can be used exclusively for suction of sewage left on the road surface, and fine dust particles from cement plants.


Main fan wear protection piece can be easily replaced

The main fan is equipped with replaceable wear-resistant protective blades for easy disassembly and assembly, and the protective sheet has a long wear life.


Less use of hydraulic system

In the vacuum operation, the control system uses solenoid valve control. The hydraulic system does not work. Only start the hydraulic system before the work and when the work is done to open the garbage bin and reduce the hydraulic pressure.


New and efficient dust separation and filtration system without daily cleaning

The garbage bin adopts an upper and lower double-layer structure and is not equipped with a water tank for dry cleaning. The upper layer is equipped with a new type of self-cleaning dust separation system, and the lower layer is equipped with an airflow dust separator, which does not require daily cleaning of the filtration system as compared with conventional dry sweepers.


Outer nozzle automatic control system

With external nozzle damper automatic control system.


Prevent wear in operation

Nozzles and nozzles are suspended during operation and do not come into contact with the ground.


Chassis model

Beiqi Foton: BJ1069VEJD6-AS


Sub engine model/power



Dimensions (length × width × height)

6100×2099×2362 (mm)


Cleaning operation width



Cleaning speed



Sweep rate

≥ 90%, the sweep rate reached Class A (highest) index of Beijing local standard DB11/T586-2008.


Suction maximum air velocity



Inhalation minimum particle/density

≥30mm / 2.3g/cm


Maximum cleaning capacity



Trash capacity



Trash can maximum tilting angle



Emission Standards

State III emissions

Environmentally-friendly vacuum cleaners, small vacuum cleaners, and advanced design of air-inlet air-intake systems for high-efficiency vacuum cleaners can greatly increase the service life of the engine: The intake air quality of the engine will directly affect the service life of the engine. The air filter is not good, but the price of the environmentally friendly vacuum cleaners, small vacuum cleaners, and the power of the vacuum cleaners can be reduced, and the engine oil can be burned. The weight of the engine can be used to discard the liners and pistons of the engine. Maximize the air intake quality of the engine, and not only introduce the environment-friendly vacuum cleaner, the price of the small vacuum cleaner, and the inlet of the high efficiency vacuum cleaner engine to the top of the box, but also add an oil bath to the front of the original air filter. The filtering device is used to bind the finer dust in the air flow, so that the air intake of the engine is more clean.

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