Maintenance of water tanker maintenance

The tanker's water intake is also considered a "big illness." Even if "recovery and discharge", it still needs careful maintenance. After all, some problems may be exposed after a period of use. Therefore, after the maintenance of tanker owners should pay special attention to the following two aspects:

The first is to observe

After the water tanker is repaired, there may also be some problems. The owner of the tanker can observe it carefully during daily use to find faults. By looking and listening, it was found that there were no sharp and harsh sounds or abnormal lighting phenomenon and malfunctions when using some functions. If problems are found, they should contact the auto repair factory for maintenance, such as the sensor's fault light flashing, the seat can not move, etc., can be back to the factory inspection and maintenance, to ensure the safe use of the tanker. At the same time, it is recommended that owners should pay attention to whether there is unstable idling speed, loud engine noise and rusting of the car during driving.

Followed by rigorous testing

Tanker owners should pay attention to the regular inspection of circuits, airbags and other mechanical parts during daily maintenance. Detection of circuit systems is mainly automotive computer boards and lights. At present, the electronic level of tanker products is getting higher and higher, and the tanker computer is directing the electronic system of the entire vehicle. The quality of its work is of utmost importance. The enemy of electronic products is "water". Therefore, when inspecting incoming vehicles, they must take care of the computer boards. If there is a fault in the computer board of the tank truck, it will directly affect the safety of the vehicle. The detection of mechanical components is mainly engine testing. Poorly sealed engines can leak oil, resulting in insufficient oil. The engine overheats due to the lack of lubrication of the engine oil, which can result in explosion of the cylinder. Also pay attention to whether there is any abnormal noise or jitter during driving. As the flooding vehicles have more hidden dangers in electrical appliances, it is also more difficult to solve them in time, so the car pays special attention. Conditional tanker owners are advised to go to a professional maintenance station to inspect and maintain the tanker within one year after the vehicle enters the water.

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