Amcor patented opaque black PET bottle

White Rock Distilleries launched its first opaque black PET bottle. The new 1.75L bottle was made for the company's best-selling Ryan'sIrish Style Cream Liqueur and produced by Amcor PET Packaging.
Amcor planning engineer Jonathan Jarman pointed out: "The use of black PET bottles is a challenge. The main problem is that opaque black absorbs more heat than other colors."
Marguerite Provandie, head of marketing at White Rock Distilleries, said: “We have produced a light brown 1.75L PET bottle, through which we can see the wine inside. In this redesign we decided to fund a custom mold to replace the glass bottle as much as possible. Into PRT bottles."
Amcor's work does not stop there. In addition to the desired black opaque color, the bottle also has other structural features.
Provandie pointed out: "For example, it is quite difficult to duplicate the length and dent of the glass bottle. We also modified it on its flanks to achieve the desired pattern effect."
The use of patented heat treatment technology and cooperation with Colormatrix, Berea, OH. solved several technical problems in the processing process.