Jiangsu Province will close more than 700 small chemical plants this year

This year, our province will shut down more than 700 "small chemicals" again, ensuring that the planned completion of closure of 3,424 chemical production enterprises will be completed and exceeded by the end of 2008.
In the province last year, a total of 2,713 production companies were eliminated and eliminated, accounting for 95.4% of the province's three-year target (2,843). Among them, a total of 1,894 households were shut down and eliminated in the Taihu Lake Basin, accounting for 88.1% of the target (2,150 homes) of the Taihu Lake Basin that was set by the provincial government. It is reported that this year's special chemical rectification work will focus on chemical companies entering the park and entering and entering the park, upgrading and upgrading, and at the same time strengthen the assessment and acceptance of all closed enterprises to ensure that these enterprises are closed.